Why did Obama return the bust of Churchill to Britain?

Glenn Beck: I now know why Obama returned the Churchill bust to Britain

Early in Obama’s tenure as President, he packed up the Churchill bust from the Oval office and returned the gift back to Britain. At the time many wondered why and I’m not sure many tried to answer it, but now Beck believes he has the answer:

Barack Obama’s grandfather was imprisoned and brutally tortured by the British during the violent struggle for Kenyan independence, according to the Kenyan family of the US President-elect.

They should have cut his balls off…!

3 thoughts on “Why did Obama return the bust of Churchill to Britain?”

  1. I read excerpts from Churchill’s history of Britain. He fully understood the working of the mind of Muslims. He knew they were not to be trusted and lied to the back of their teeth. He knew they were capable of treachery (as he was himself). He knew about their treatment of women and he also knew there was a high level of homosexuality among these people. He confirms everything we fear today. They did not change – if anything they became worse with the oil well that made them rich and powerful.

    It may be said that Churchill was calling the kettle black. He used treachery on the Irish, Australians and recently we have found out that he blasted the French naval fleet out of the water. And, they were allies.

  2. I concur with Therese. Churchill totally understood the Islamic mindset and there is a famous quote by him in which he wrote, of Islam, that “no stronger retrograde force exists on earth”, which just goes to show how smart the man was.
    Obama, on the other hand, is (at the least) an Islamic appeaser, and may well be a crypto-muslim. He certainly was registered as a Muslim while at school in Indonesia and his Cairo speech made me sick to my stomach with the level of dhimmitude on display.
    I was curious if anyone else had came to the same conclusion and found this page.

  3. Churchill may have been a lot of things but he was a magnificent leader of his people during WW2. The MISGUIDED notion that he blasted the French Navy out of the water on purpose, should be fully understood. THE FRENCH NAVY WAS HANDING ITS’ FLEET OVER TO THE JERRIES and Britain could not allow that to happen, since it had so very few ships to protect it at that time. Churchill pleaded with Marshall Petain not to give into the Germans and to send the French Navy to Britain but Petain would not do so……hence we BLASTED THEM OUT OF THE WATER…..WAR IS WAR.

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