Worse than Gordon Brown?

Sure looks like it. For Pamela Geller, its fait accompli:

He’s Worse Than Brown

After Brown Another Down:

British PM Cameron says only Misunderstanders of the Religion of Peace oppose Turkey’s EU membership

Cameron’s entire argument here rests on the proposition that Islam is a Religion of Peace that has been Hijacked by a Tiny Minority of Extremists. If that is false, then he is taking a course of extraordinary folly. “Turkey must join EU, says Cameron: ‘Those who are against are playing on fears of Islam,'” by Jason Groves in the Daily Mail, July 27 via JW (but sureley he read the Koran, just like Tony BLiar, wouldn’t you think?)

It looked like we had a decade or so before British resistance collapsed under Muslim pressure and the UK submitted to sharia. But it seems that even the OIC’sTen-Year Plan of 2005 was too pessimistic, and events are ahead of schedule. The government of the United Kingdom has now chosen sides — and declared for Islam.

British PM Cameron digs himself in deeper, calls Gaza a “prison camp”

He promised to commit himself “passionately” to Turkey’s accession to the EU. Accession is according to the Conservative leader “vital to our economy, vital to our security and vital to our diplomacy.”  (GoV) Read further… For Islam, against the people of England

Cameron is lecturing the Jewish people but has not trouble with the forgotten Holocaust: The Armenian massacre that inspired Hitler

Did Cameron read the Koran? The Hamas charter that calls to the annihilation of Israel? If he did, it would be worse. But ignorance is no defense for stoopid:

Here’s “Harry’s Place:”

This would be all well and good, were Erdogan not a pro-Hamas Islamist, who has spent the last few months trying to scupper sanctions on Iran, and forging closer ties with Syria. It would be lovely to think that Erdogan was the man to square the circle between Islamist regimes and the West, and to broker a new understanding with Israel – but that’s patently not the goal of his administration.

Likewise, it evidently matters little to Cameron that IHH – linked closely to Erdogan’s regime – is a jihadist organisation, whose sister outfit has just been banned in Germany, which may yet be banned in the United States, and which staged a public demonstration and mourning ceremony for Basayev, the Chechen jihadist leader and mastermind of the Beslan school massacre, when the Russians killed him.  More Cameron on Turkey, Gaza, Israel>>>

But wait, there’s more:

British Court Blocks Extradition Of Bosnian Former Leader | Spero News

A British court has refused to extradite former Bosnian wartime leader Ejup Ganic, wanted in Serbia to face trial on war crimes charges.

Extradition | Law | guardian.co.uk

Pic thanks to JW Deutschland

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last; Britains war on the EDL continues:

UK: Police open fire, arrest EDL members over non-existent bomb plot against mosque

Aggressive and potentially lethal dhimmitude. These police officers have evidently bought into the Muslim line that they are routinely victims of hate crimes, without bothering to note the fact that many of those hate crimes are fabricated by Muslims themselves. Find links establishing that in this post. “EDL members arrested over Bournemouth mosque bomb plot fears,” by Jim Durkin in the Bournemouth Daily Echo, via JW

Headbangers release the Third OIC Observatory Report on “Islamophobia”

Gates of Vienna

It is of foremost importance to recognize and acknowledge the problem of Islamophobia as well as discrimination and intolerance in terms of its historical, cultural and psychological depth and develop the essential willingness to adopt a multifaceted approach towards finding solutions.

Read further…

Vlad Tepes takes a walk down memory lane:

4 thoughts on “Worse than Gordon Brown?”

  1. My father was in the Armenian Genocide march into the Syrian desert in 1915. He survived; most of the rest of his family did not. Every day I watch the West fall for Islamic agitprop and disinformation. The West simply will not survive the stupidity of Cameron and others in the elites.

  2. All of which exposes David Cameron, (the so called Conservative but really just ANOTHER Left Wing nut) the UK’s PM, who called yesterday for Turkey to be admitted to the EU, for the sublimely STUPID moonbat Left Wing nonce that he is.

  3. Alexander Downer, former Lib Foreign Minister, did a lengthy opinion piece in the local print edition Advertiser arguing against banning the burka because Oz is a place where individuals are free to wear whatever they like, & it is bad to ban clothing. Probably hoping to become an “eminent person” & take Malcolm Fraser’s place at the appeasement table. /snark

    What will Tony “Stop the Boats!” Abbott morph into if he becomes PM next month?

  4. Can you say “useful idiot”? I think some of Obama’s Islam has rubbed off on Cameron. From what I’m reading at the Daily Mail on this piece, it sounds like a case of buyers’ remorse for many of the Brits who voted for him.

    This story is of interest to me since I have a good friend who lives on the coast over there. He has told me numerous times that the only real hope in terms of political parties there is the British National Party. This political lightweight Cameron is going to lead his country into an Armageddon of sorts if it doesn’t grind to a halt soon. He needs to “brush up” on his knowledge of Islam and deal with being factually correct instead of politically correct. Steering clear of Obuzzard wouldn’t hurt either. If Cameron refuses to change course, the British should demand a new election – this was not the “change” they hoped for, no apologies to Obuzzard.

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