Access Denied: Telstra WiFi G3 Disallows Access to Winds of Jihad

Although the Equal Opportunity Division of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal has ruled that Islam is an ideology, not a race the enlightened progressives at  Telstra are employing KRudd & Conroy censorship, citing “racism”. If there are any lawyers among our readers, please help us  fight this perversion.

Try it out: go to any public WiFi outlet or to a McDonalds,  with your laptop (or your iphone)  and see what comes up!

6 thoughts on “Access Denied: Telstra WiFi G3 Disallows Access to Winds of Jihad”

  1. Folks – write to Telstra telling them to reinstate the service – if they don’t then go to another provider – damage them if they play the muslim game. Time to put your money where your mouth is.

  2. I think the most racist pricks around would have to be the Australian Government. Always out and about trying to string up the white feller. But hey racism only comes in one colour…… White.

    I think many people would have to be involved to hurt Telstra. But hey i’ll give it a go, no doubt ‘our’ Government already knows about the likes of me 🙂

  3. Maybe WoJ is already on ACMA’s secret list:

    Telstra and Optus to start ‘clean feed’ to block child pornography web pages

    [ABOUT 5 million internet users in Australia will start receiving a “clean feed” mid next year that will automatically block some web pages.

    The feed comes courtesy of ISPs Telstra and Optus after they agreed last month to voluntarily block such content.

    The exercise will be based on a blacklist compiled by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.]

  4. Visit a solicitor and ask them to write a letter to the Telstra board threatening to sue for several millions. Send a copy to the media. Especially Bolt. Once its hits the news, they’ll be dead men walking.

  5. Sheik, have you contact Pamela’s lawyers? Perhaps they could guide you to a team in Australia.

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