Australia: Teachers in "Urgent Need of Guidance" re Islam

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Islam in Australia’s Classrooms

Dhimmitude comes to Ivanhoe Grammar – teachers need to engage with islam, and are in “in urgent need of guidance” on issues that involve muslim students (and all the rest). As readers on WoJ should have noted by now, muslims tend to come in here telling us we have no knowledge, need to study islam and the koran, and are ignorant …

Engage with Islam, scholar urges (AL AGE)

No “ignorance” here:  properly guided & indoctrinated Islamic females

Wakademic complicity with Islamic da’awa efforts: indoctrination in the classrooms of the host society  to remove all obstacles and hindrances to sharia. An update to “Excellence in Islamic Teachings” Education Jihad

MANY teachers lack a basic understanding of Islam and are left feeling uncomfortable and in urgent need of guidance on issues that involve Muslim students, according to a visiting British scholar.

Peter Vardy, (“truth is a dangerous word” and  “We live in a post-Christian society”) a specialist in religion and values education, says non-Muslim teachers are keen to be better informed to deal with a range of dilemmas.

“I think, to be honest, the biggest thing is ignorance,” he says. “They just don’t know where to turn and they haven’t had any training, so they find it difficult to actually engage with the questions young people raise because they don’t have the knowledge base. There is a thirst to be trained and better informed than they are.”

Dr Vardy, vice-principal of Heythrop College, a specialist philosophy and theology college at the University of London, was a keynote speaker at a workshop held at Ivanhoe Grammar last week to help non-Muslim teachers better engage with and teach Islam.

The grammar school’s director of world studies, Tim Bush, says often the responsibility for fostering community cohesion is handed over to schools but teachers are unsure what they can do to improve understanding.

“In many respects, teachers don’t necessarily have the resources, facilities or time to develop that, so workshops like this are absolutely critical,” he says.

Dr Vardy is passionate about using education to reduce misunderstandings about the Islamic faith.

“Islam is only one world religion . . . but it’s hugely important that young Australians have an understanding which goes beyond the superficial,” he says.

Australians can get that right here on Winds of Jihad. Spread the word and keep these headbangers out of our schools!

In an globalised world, it is vital that local students appreciate diversity, different cultural and religious perspectives, and can interact with Islamic neighbours on a business level.

He says interest in Islam — the world’s second-largest religion — is growing, particularly in Britain, but Australia tends to shy away from it.

“In the UK, there is a highly academic approach to religious and values education involving philosophy, analysing argument, and it is a wonderful training for becoming a barrister and other professions; it is not about indoctrination,” he says.

“This is very hard to get across to Australians because as soon as they see the word religion the hackles go up and they think this is a covert attempt to convert people to some faith or another. The idea that you can have an academic approach to these issues is somewhat alien. It is not in Europe, but it is here.”

Dr Vardy says Melbourne’s substantial Muslim population, the country’s proximity to Indonesia, and Australia’s role in the Iraq and Afghan wars, make it vital for young people to have an accurate understanding of the beliefs and practices of Islam.

“The idea of what Islam is about is often not communicated to young people, so they pick it up from the news and what you effectively then have is that Islam is associated with terrorism, and radicalism. They’ve got no idea of what Islam stands for beyond that.”

Im not convinced that Dr Vardy has any idea of what Islam stands for…..

Closer scrutiny of the Muslim faith following the September 11, 2001 attacks has led to many misconceptions.

The good doctor sounds just like a Muslim here.

“We are not trying to convince people to be Muslim or not; it is trying to help them be better informed so they actually understand what Islamic finance is about, what Islamic bioethics and philosophy is about, and that means understanding both the strengths and the weaknesses.”

Dr Vardy believes the creation of the Dialogue Australasia Network in 1998 to foster a broad-based academic approach to the teaching of values, philosophy and religious studies was an important step. The network has 450 schools in Australia and New Zealand.

“What it tries to do is improve the academic rigour and relevance of religious and values education,” says Dr Vardy, who sits on the DAN board, which involves some of Melbourne’s private schools.

“It is about having a good academic education, of looking at this as an academic subject, which includes values, ethics, religious issues, and introducing young people to thinking deeply about these questions, not trying to tell them what they should think.”

He believes ignorance and mistrust create barriers between harmonious relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

“Once you understand someone, you understand where they are coming from, that they are not unreasonable bigots and there is an intelligent position that can be held, you can say ‘I can actually begin to speak to this person as a human being’.”

Ivanhoe Grammar’s Tim Bush says the school’s involvement in the conference was inspired by former student and Muslim education expert Dr Eeqbal Hassim.

Dr Hassim is co author of Learning from One Another: Bringing Muslim Perspectives into Australian Schools, with Jennet Cole-Adams, director of curriculum services at the Australian Curriculum Studies Association.

The book provides information to educate non-Muslim teachers about Muslim beliefs and culture.

13 thoughts on “Australia: Teachers in "Urgent Need of Guidance" re Islam”

  1. Australia and the West in general need to develop our own educational response to muslim students. And it goes along the lines of how WE should introduce them to OUR LAWS and HOW THEY NEED TO RESPECT THEM. The only knowledge that teachers need about islam is the basic information that is available in encyclopedias to know where the students are coming from mentally. This is only to allow teachers to develop curriculum to ensure the students make that leap to our society and culture.
    Anything else is just DANGEROUS!!!

  2. What is the very first Surah Australian Muslim Children are taught to memorise ? Answer the Sura Al-Fatiha Level 1 & 2

    Of course it is taught in Arabic, so it will take a few years before the youngsters fully understand and apply it.

    ‘The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not the way of those who earned Your anger such as the Jews, nor of those who went astray such as the Christians’.

    So much for Muslim education developing multi-cultural harmony.

  3. Anyone would think our western leaders got together and surrendered to Islam on our behalf.
    When are we going to see those little prayer mats in childcare centres?
    The banning of ham sandwiches in school cannot be far away.

  4. funkybarfly

    ‘Anyone would think our western leaders got together and surrendered to Islam on our behalf.’

    They did !
    Look up ‘Eurabia ‘ and setups like the Euro Arab dialogue
    It;s a done deal

  5. Its now or never…Gather non believers and fight for the cause. Spread the word let all know our feelings we are strong and we are united…………..No surrender

  6. No matter how much we try and change our society to appease Muslims, all it will do it zest their appetite for more. It will only end when the West is Islamised.

    This will not work. For the good of all, including Muslims, specially Muslim women, Muslims should be sent back.

  7. Mohammedism is the most dangerous epidemic in the world today. It is a plague that is catching politicians and women ( Western women are marrying these scumbags) off guard around the world. Once these parasites get a foothold in our society as they are doing now, there will be no turning back. Immigration of Muslims must be curtailed immediately and the government should start sending back the ones already here to their original countries. Who cares if they are or were born here. They are a danger to our country, our lives and our very way of life.

  8. The headline’s correct – teachers really are “in urgent need of guidance re islam.” But not the guidance this slimy traitor has in mind. They should be teaching their students the truth about the religion of the great paedophile. If the mosque rats don’t like it, guide them to the nearest airport.
    What if our parents and grandparents had “accomodated” the nazis and commies?

  9. I suspect Peter Vardy is simply a second rate academic (wakademic) who has no understanding on the danger that islam presents to the modern world. We no NOT need fools like him influencing the education of your children.

  10. There is no end to this:

    Leftist UK author advocates Sharia in the West

    Useful idiocy and self-delusion. Leftist/Islamic Supremacist Alliance Update: “UK author James Fergusson advocates sharia law in West,” by Chris Merritt for The Australian, May 21:

    AFTER championing the cause of the Taliban, British author James Fergusson has found another cause: the need for Western legal systems to incorporate at least some of the principles of sharia.
    “Properly and correctly applied, sharia has the potential to be extremely humane and flexible in a way that the common law does not,” he said.

    That’s why Sharia states like Saudi Arabia and Iran are so notoriously humane and flexible.

    Fergusson was speaking in Sydney, where he was promoting his most recent book, Taliban, at the Sydney Writers Festival.
    He believes sharia, like the Taliban, is misunderstood.

    Yes, of course. The Taliban didn’t mean to burn down all those girls’ schools. They were just trying to fix the central heating.

    His arrival in Sydney coincided with a push for sharia in Australia, a move that was rejected by federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland.
    Fergusson said the way forward was not to apply sharia only to Muslims but to incorporate its principles into the general law.

    “It’s about developing something better — and you start by acknowledging that our precious secular law is far from perfect.”

    After observing how the Taliban ran Afghanistan, he believes their version of sharia was effective at ending lawlessness, but it would be unsuitable here.

    “They were a law and order party and they were pretty effective,” he said. “A few months of hand-chopping and there was no more theft, no more murder. Suddenly it was safe to leave your house without locking it.”

    Is that cure really preferable to the disease?

    Fergusson, who describes himself as a liberal,
    Of course. Because remember: for the mainstream media and useful idiots like Fergusson, Islamic supremacists are “conservatives,” and those who oppose Islamic supremacism are also “conservatives.” But those who enable Islamic supremacism in the West, as “conservative” as it is, are “liberals.”

    said rapid population growth in the Islamic world coupled with globalisation, meant it was important for Western countries to abandon their attachment to secular law.
    In a word: surrender.

    The push for sharia in Australia was “only about certain aspects, mainly family affairs. In a way, it’s not that outrageous,” he said.
    He recognised, however, it would be difficult for Western countries to incorporate aspects of sharia because under Islam there was no separation between religion and law.

    No kidding, really? I thought only greasy Islamophobes dared to point that out.

  11. We need to shut idiots like Fergusson down – he is a second rate intellect – and the best way to do this is to confront him directly and publically – destroy him by making him a joke – which he is!

  12. * He believes sharia, like the Taliban, is misunderstood.

    Ah, “misunderstanding” once more. Of course, we are not qualified to “understand” for ourselves, being ignorant.

    * After observing how the Taliban ran Afghanistan, he believes their version of sharia was effective at ending lawlessness, but it would be unsuitable here.

    The “Islamic Courts Union” in enlightened Somalia did much the same thing.

    * meant it was important for Western countries to abandon their attachment to secular law.

    He (Antichrist) will think to change laws and times, aided and abetted by an army of useful fools infiltrated through political structures, “academia” funded by Swordi dollars & islamic chairs, and all the rest.

    James Fergusson may reap what he sows. Destruction.

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