Bloomberg's Folly: Part 2

Remember the Times Square bomber? Yes, the ‘foreclosure terrorist  who ‘couldn’t pay his mortgage?’ That’s if you believe the mayor of NYC,  Michael Bloomberg of the bleeding hearts, who tells us that building mega mosques on Ground Zero is great for our values, all the while grieving over dead Islamic terrorists who flew the jets into the WTC screaming ‘allahu akbar’.

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer  was ‘Frustrated’ That Times Square Bomber Turned Out to Be a  Muselmaniac after all. AP ran with the story, the talking heads from CNN, AP & Reuters jumped on it, desperately making excuses for Islamic terrorists and blaming Bush.

Being right is not wrong, but once again only the right blogs told the truth: Times Sq Bomber: Yet Another Islamic Terrorist Commits Mortgage Fraud (Debbie Schlussel) Breitbart explored vast deep space between these people’s ears, here, and Rush was thundering away  in bestform. But what good did it do? The nutroots disease is incurable…

Now, thanks to the Religion of Peace, the (rather obvious) jihadist motives of the failed bomber are told in his own words, in his own suicide video:

Devout Muslim, Faisel Shahzad, explains in a pre-recorded video why Allah wants him to massacre hundreds of fellow Americans
in Times Square.  If the Qur’an in his hand did not support his intense hatred of non-believers, it would be 61% lighter.

Other offerings from the Religion of Peace:

From JW:

3 thoughts on “Bloomberg's Folly: Part 2”

  1. Makes you long for the days when Rudy Giuliani was mayor, doesn’t it? At least he knew right from wrong and told Arafat and his Saudi thugs where to go. Bloomburger is devoid of a moral compass which makes the situation at Ground Zero all the worse. But as they say, stupid is as stupid does.

  2. This is off the topic of the mosque, but I believe that Bloomberg is tied in to the ELITE structure that is soo evil that the very foundation of this is tied all the way to the POTUS and even farther the UN.
    Elena Kagan, when confirmed has a huge controversy surrounding her and it ties all the way to the pres. If she is involved in the Birth certificate issue, then how many tentacles are there?
    I believe that there is more — much — much more.

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