China Jihad

Chinese arrest four Muslims after jihad bomb attack

No doubt they’re enraged over the opposition to the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero. That’s why Muslims like Reza Aslan are seething with anger these days, isn’t it? Or is it over the Israeli incursion into Gaza? No, that was last year’s outrage. Have you noticed — as I have often pointed out — that the pretexts always shift, but the anger, and the resultant jihad, are constant? “Police arrest 4 in bomb attack in China’s restive Muslim far west,” from Associated Press, August 25 (thanks to JW):

BEIJING (AP) — Police have arrested four suspects in a deadly bomb attack on police auxiliary forces last week, a government spokeswoman said Wednesday, in the latest violence in China’s restive Muslim far west.

The four were part of a “violent gang of six people” responsible for the attack in the city of Aksu, said Hou Hanmin, government spokeswoman in Xinjiang, China’s Central Asian buffer province where Aksu is located. (More)

I guess we need to resettle the Uighurs from Gitmo faster  in order to win hearts and minds in the Muslim world…..

Obama spending $6 million to restore mosques and other Islamic sites worldwide

This has been going on longer than Obama has been in office.  In fact, Australia is  spending  100 $ million dollars to build mosques and madrassas in Indonesia and Afghanistan, well hidden from the public. Has its Constitutionality ever been challenged? If not, why not? “US funds restoration of global Islamic sites,” from AP, August 24 (thanks to JW):

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