Clueless O'Reilly: "its about Muslims obeying the Koran…"

Muslims who obey the Koran become jihadists. Ask Al Awlaki, he’ll tell you…

Clueless.  O’Reilly, the fool, proves it again and again. But the Muslim lady (a cultural, nominal Muslima to be sure) doesn’t hold back. I’m just wondering why she didn’t discard her whole disgusting belief-system altogether:

Raheel Raza…

“… Mayor Bloomberg and bleeding heart white liberals like him
don’t understand the battle we moderate Muslims are faced with
in terms of confronting radical Islam and Islamization,
and political Islam in North America,
which has only grown since 9-11
because of political correctness,
and people, because of their politically vested agendas,
not speaking out against issues like this.”

Bill O’Reilly…

“What a great answer, Ms Raza … .”

This is the same woman who wrote this op-ed from yesterday: We Muslims Know Ground Zero Mosque is a Deliberate Provocation

Weasel Zippers via Right Scoop

3 thoughts on “Clueless O'Reilly: "its about Muslims obeying the Koran…"”

  1. “… people who may feel pain in a certain measure,” he brushed her off, patronisingly. What a tool! How dare he say that about the survivors and 9/11 victims’ loved ones. But he’s right about one thing: She is brave, and not likely to stay alive for long. At least not politically.

  2. No room for polygamy in France, says interior minister 9 August 2010

    France’s interior minister Brice Hortefeux has called for the withdrawal of citizenship of immigrants who practise polygamy or female genital mutilation. Hortefeux said there were “possibilities to have nationality withdrawn in the case of polygamy, genital mutilation and serious wrongdoing”, the Telegraph reported.

    The punishment would not apply only to immigrants, but also to those who have a foreign background, even if they were born in France.

    Hortefeux spoke out after an Algerian-born French Muslim was questioned by the police about regularly raping a woman he was involved with between 2003 and 2007 (…)

    Step by little step, every aspect of the barbaric customs of Islam must be deemed as crimes that will lead to the withdrawal of citizenship, and then deportation.

  3. Why don’t the moderate Muslims all convert to Christianity, a truuly peace-loving religion. Even atheism would be better.
    What’s in it for them when sharia comes down the pipe and becomes law? Will they accept Islam the way it was meant to be?

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