Compo for Killers

$ 450.000.00 dollars for Kundus killers

They  ambushed the trucks and then hacked the  drivers heads off. Then they stole two fuel tankers, in order to use them as destructive weapons against German soldiers. Colonel Klein did his duty  as a soldier in the war: he called  in an air strike to protect his entrusted soldiers and killed 91 enemies.

Now the Federal Government of Germany pays $ 5,000 dollar per head. Mind you: not as a bonus to Colonel Klein  who earned it.  Also not to the families of the two slaughtered victims.

The money was paid to the families of the killers….  Our enemies are even laughing in their graves…..

(more from PI, in German: $ 455.000 Dollars für Kundus-Täter)

France: Police Shot At

In the “problem suburb” Villiers le Bel in Paris police were shot at with live ammunition. And in Lyon the house of a policeman was fired at. These are the conditions irrresponsible  Politicians have created by allowing unhindered immigration from Islamic countries…. (more from PI -in German: Polizisten mit scharfer Munition angegriffen)

Germany: “We want to live here with our culture”

Watch these videos and imagine for one moment if these creeps had the upper hand!

Turkish cultural enrichment report: about a school in the German town of Essen where 70% of the students are Muslims and the Germans are a discriminated minority. The entire show is now online with English subtitles: parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (Islam in Europe)

(Musel-)Man Faces 35 Charges After Search Finds IEDs in Ottawa Home

From the Ottawa Citizen via Gates of Vienna

OTTAWA — An Ottawa man has been charged after police found and seized improvised explosive devices (IEDs), firearms and other weapons from a home near Alta Vista and Heron on Thursday, according to a police statement.

Police searched the home on Finn Court and found four IEDs, two firearms, three silencers, one stun gun, one high-capacity ammunition magazine and various firearm parts and accessories. Read further…

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  1. You will NOT live here with YOUR culture, muslim. You either integrate or you leave or you die. Those are your ONLY choices – choose well.

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