"Crapule intellectuelle" loses court case…..

Court Rules Against Silver-Tongued  Muslim Brotherhood Propagandist Tariq Ramadan

Brother Tariq before his hair transplantation

The Islamic propagandist extraordinaire was banned by the US under Bush and welcomed to the US under Obama. His first US stop? A co-conspirator, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood-front CAIR Chicago event, of course. He has been speaking across America (check out the absymal failure of his US book tour).

Not only did he lose in court, but he has to pay court fees.

Islam academic legally dismissed Rotterdam council was within its legal rights when it dismissed academic Tariq Ramadan in August 2009, a court ruled on Wednesday.

Ramadan was asking for €75,000 for wrongful dismissal, but the court ruled he has no claim. Instead, he will have to pay the €3,638 cost of the case.

The Islamic philosopher lost his job as city integration officer after officials discovered he presented a tv show for a broadcast company financed by Iran.

Erasmus University also ended his contract as a visiting professor.

Even the French Foreign minister Bernard Kouchner called him a “crapule intellectuelle.”

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Tariq Ramadan is so full of shiite it makes my head hurt:

Jihad is all about resistance and reform, spiritual travel of the soul, to better yourself…..

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