Creepy: Honor Killing Father of Amina & Sarah Secretly Taped Girls

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On New Year’s Day 2008, two Texas teenagers Amina and Sarah Said were shot dead, their bloodied bodies left in a taxi cab. The alleged shooter: their father Yaser Said.

In fact, Sarah appears to  identify her Dad as the murderer in a 9-11 call – her dying words.  (Not “appears to. She did identify her father as the killer)

For more than two years the Fox News Reporting team has been following this story and the search for Yaser Said, who vanished the night of the murders.

We learned this dark tale began long before the girls were born. Their mother Patricia married the Egyptian-born Said when she was only 15 years old. She says her husband violently abused her during their 20-year marriage.

Over the course of our investigation, Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett and I made multiple trips to Texas, taping hours of interviews with investigators, relatives and family friends.

We also obtained never-before-broadcast video of the girls that was secretly shot by their father. In light of what happened to Amina and Sarah, it’s extremely disturbing footage.

If Yaser Said killed his daughters, what was his motive? His American wife Tissy claims he did so because their girls were dating boys that weren’t Muslim.

While friends and family call the murders honor killings, it’s a label the FBI and local police have been hesitant to use.

In fact, 8 months after the deaths of Amina and Sarah the FBI added the words “honor killing” to their wanted poster but days later, removed them.

In the hour, we also speak with  former FBI counter-terrorism chief Steve Pomeranz and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Both provided a broader perspective to this story.

Hirsi Ali – born a Muslim in Somalia, she was subjected to female circumcision as a child and fled to Europe in 1992 after refusing an arranged marriage. In 2003 she won a seat in the Dutch Parliament. The following year she wrote and co-produced a film about Islam’s subjugation of women with director Theo van Gogh.  Van Gogh was murdered by a radical Muslim, who pinned a note to Van Gogh’s chest vowing that Hirsi Ali was next.  Hirsi Ali fled again this time to the United States, where she lives under round-the-clock security but continues to be a forceful critic of Islam. She’s been following the Said case from the beginning.

‘Fox News Reporting: Honor Killing in America’ airs at 9 p.m. ET Saturday, Aug. 7,

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  1. Again – a muslim murders innocents because of its interpretation of islam – and the silence of the majority shows that the majority supports this vile act. We have seen just how irrational and violent muslims are – they demonstrate this to us every day by their behavior – this is simply more of the same,

  2. Notice how the media is filled with the orchestrated distraction of the building of a Mosque (cultural center) near the grounds of 9/11 . It shocks me that since it is reported that MOST Muslims (especially relocated to USA) identify themselves as ‘moderate’ yet nary a word is heard of these ‘honor killings’ taking place (not only in Texas). Our infotainment – not news goes on and on abouth (WHAT!) a Bristol Palin (unwed mother – dancing with stars – giving speeches – huh – on being celebrate ) but NOTHING on the horrific murder of these beautiful/ honor students. Who will speak for them? Where are the protest for them? Why all the attention to a building (it will never be built – it is a distraction) when before Congress went on vacation they voted DOWN a fund to help the numerous ‘HEROES’ (photo ops over) of 9/11. Hundreds have died and are dying thanks solely (where’s the NEWS) to the Bush White House/EPA Christie Whitman announcing (so that Wall Street could re-open) that the (toxic) AIR WAS SAFE!!

  3. omg this is so bad i wish i could of taken the bullet these girls didn’t deserve this some of the greatest die young now it has been 3 years since this has happend this is not fear help bring justus to amina &sarah and this haunor killing needs to stop girls getting killed you didn’t want them to be americanisd y did you come to the usa than and you should be killed you marred a american women so what the fuck like and you raped them what the fuck your own daughters how could you do somthin like this i dont no but this haunor killing needs to stop now every body that read this look for yasser said look in your naborhood look in your stors look ever were and dont be the next one to be killed by family members i love all of you be safe out there rest in peace amina &sarah love you bye :*(

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