Denmark: Danish book on Muhammad cartoons could cause riots, says US expert

Looks like there is very little that doesn’t cause riots in the world of Islam, which is  not a monolith, so diverse, so complex, exotic and tolerant, isn’t it?

Hard to beat the diversity from the RoP:

Denmark: Danish book on Muhammad cartoons could cause riots, says US expert

A leading U.S. terrorism expert has warned of renewed tensions between the Muslim world and Denmark in connection with plans by Jyllands-Postens Culture Editor Flemming Rose to release a book in which caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed are reprinted.

The US “expert” (Evan Kohlman,never heard of him, have you?) opts for dhimmitude and prescribes submission:

“If I were him, I would seriously consider the consequences of reprinting the drawings,” says U.S. terrorism expert Evan Kohlman, who has worked for the FBI and the U.S. administration on terrorism issues.   (Islam in Europe)

9 thoughts on “Denmark: Danish book on Muhammad cartoons could cause riots, says US expert”

  1. Evan Kohlman,
    Go and drink some poison. If radical islamists want to cause problems they can be executed, but no one is going to cower to the wishes of these islamic thugs.

  2. I hope they will have the courage to go ahead & publish the book. I’m sick to death of all the cowards that appeasing these bullies.

    It only take numbers & courage to stop bullies, but apparently the West is suffering from a severe case of shriveled, dessicated cojones. It’s time to man up & put a stop to this.

  3. Evan Kohlman, has to shut his face. We don’t want dhimmies.
    Muslimpigs are not used to such things. In our neighborhood they don’t even appreciate the pigsfeet and bacon grease we offer them for ramadan. Muslims are used to submission from our part, but that has changed recently. When they steal our mail, we do the same to them. When they damage our cars, we damage theirs. This morning we distributed 27 pigsfeet (in their post boxes) and pieces of porc, and old socks, containing grease fat. We did more, but I don’t want to write it down here, because the chiefs of police are leftist pigs, and they read this, too.

  4. The quran is an angelical discourse with true and untrue declarations.
    To have holy scriptures in a book does not make the whole book holy!
    Muhammed was not a prophet, because Gabriel spoke to mary (Luke 1:28) and to muhammed (quran) and moroni to joseph smith (book of mormon) does not make them (real) prophets.
    Words of Angels can not override Ruach JHVH.

  5. It looks like it is time to start groups in the west similar to the EDL.
    The Danish or “Dansk Defense League, The French Defense League, the Canadian Defense League, the American Defense League, to uphold our freedoms as embedded within our various constitutions against the threat of political Islam and Islamic sharia law.

  6. the intollerance of islam is starting to rear its ugly head worse than ever before , it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing civil unrest and riots in the eu. articles such as this only enforce the reality that this ‘religion of peace’ will stop at nothing to consrtict our freedom of speech through any and all means possible. pc thinking and biased government are the biggest hurdle we face in the fight against the harm to our own way of life through islam and its militant ideolog we call sharia.

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