Everything you need to know about imam Rauf

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna:

We now have ample evidence that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the front man for the Ground Zero mosque, is not only a dedicated Islamic zealot and proponent of sharia, but also a part of the Muslim’s Brotherhood’s long-term planning.

Islamic Zealot Abdul Rauf

Alyssa Lappen, one of the premier investigators of the Ground Zero mosque, has uncovered evidence that Feisal Abdul Rauf is part of a strategic plan centered in Malaysia. Cordoba House, more commonly known as “the Ground Zero mosque”, is intended to be just one of a series of “battalions” for the takeover and destruction of the West:

Rauf’s Muslim Brotherhood roads to Malaysia

Read the rest, including the footnotes with their extensive sources, at Alyssa Lappen’s site.

It is important to understand that the Islamization of the West is not a haphazard process. It is unfolding — with local ad-hoc modifications — according to a carefully prepared plan that has been underway for several decades and will take several more decades to complete.

The intention of the Project is to subvert, overthrow, and subjugate the political and social institutions in all territories held by non-Muslims, with the ultimate goal being a worldwide Islamic state under the rule of Islamic law.

And Islam is in no great hurry to convert the infidel. In fact, millions of subordinate and productive infidels are required to serve the needs of the Caliphate, to generate wealth and deliver it to their new masters.

Rather than convert you, Islam simply intends that you live under Islamic rule and become subject to sharia. It’s as simple as that.

Read it all:

The Battalions of Islam

6 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about imam Rauf”

  1. The process of Islamisation is also slow and disguised, so that the victims do not realize what is happening.

    Once a Muslim critical mass is reached, then just like a nuclear weapon, Islamisation quickens, with ethnic cleansing, murder to assist ethnic cleansing, destruction of churches or temples to assist ethnic cleansing, and so on, till the newly conquered land is virtually free of Kuffars. A certain amount of Kuffars are kept as a token of Islamic tolerance, as well as to make Muslims feel superior. This MO has been repeated all over the world – no exception, none.

    Answer to Islamic conquest – stop it in its tracks and reverse it.

  2. DP111,
    Dictatorship will stop islam in its tracks. (but also other religions).
    People should know that the quran is not perfect nor holy and
    can’t be accepted as the word of god (only as test-texts).
    Also, holy sites should not be recognised. sharia law is unacceptable.
    Same goes for holy bible or holy hinduist books and all holy places.
    Religious books contain “holy scriptures” (NT most, OT less and
    quran & vedas even less) but can’t be holy, they are not perfect.
    To elevate imperfect books as holy standard is idolatry.

  3. Malaysia is the Pakistan of SE Asia although only 60 % are Mohammedan THEY rule the roost. The Racist anti kaffir Bumiputera Laws mean that the 40% are just Dhimmies paying the Jizaz and that Muslims are given preferential treatment for university places and AUTOMATIC pass marks, for housing with Muslim ONLY discounts, and are COMPULSORY on ALL Companies Boards . All native Malays are DEEMED to be Muslims from birth and CANNOT on pain of Shariah punishment change. Shariah Law TRUMPS State Law in every case of conflict even in the non Shariah States.
    Malaysia both supports, legalises and gives safe haven to Mohammedan Terrorist SCUM who are engaged in anti Christian , Anti Buddhist Terror campaigns in Thailand and the Philippines . They even train and supply leaders to Indoneisia’ s home grow Terrorists and were responsible for the Jakarta and Bali bombings.

    Ahh!!!!! Peaceful MODERATE Malaysia. DONT MAKE ME LAUGH.

  4. good posts Realist…they have been sending out missionaries to the pacific , aussie , nz etc..Quite some time back they were building an islamic school in Tonga..they have deliberately targeted Maori and Aboriginal people.

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