Germany: Shrouded Burials for Integration?

Islam in EUrope

Once again, Mohammedanism gets its way, for nothing in return:

Do Shroud Burials Help Integration?

Berlin: Proposal to allow shroud burial

In the future, deceased Muslims in Berlin could possibly  be buried in a shroud, without a coffin. The Senate will deal with the issue for the first time on Tuesday. The proposal is part of the new integration act and says that for religious reasons it would be possible to bury a body in a shroud, without a coffin.

Denmark: DPP want to know cost of non-Western immigration

These people must be reading Winds of Jihad. We have been calling for a cost vs liability study from day one. So does Geert Wilders.

The Danish People’s Party wants a government committee to calculate every year how much non-Western immigrants are costing Danish society. This new demand is a central requirement from the government, reports Berlingske Tidende. This way people will know how much the New Danes are costing the ethnic Danes.Continue reading

France: Sarkozy huffs & puffs, vows to crack down on foreign-born criminals

Denmark: Holiday welfare-fraud

Many welfare recipients go on vacation via Germany to avoid their trip abroad being registered in Denmark. This allows the welfare recipients to go on vacation without fear of losing their benefits, though it’s illegal and is considered benefit fraud.