Give generously, because the Pakistanis have such a negative image of the United States!

Aid chief: Pakistan flood aid shows U.S. commitment

What will it take to make them love US?

Thanks to Mullah

(al Reuters) – The United States hopes its rapid, generous response to Pakistan’s epic floods will help overcome the negative image many Pakistanis have of the United States, the Obama administration’s aid chief said on Friday.

Bizarre. We, the US, the hated infidels, should pay so that the Pakistani bandits, the most hateful, deluded jihad-freaks on earth get a better image of us.  Why isn’t anybody asking why the  undeserving, parasitic Paki’s  built  their  nation  on Islam and nothing but Islam and  why it should be our business to support that?

Washington has sent rescue helicopters, delivered medicines and more than half a million halal meals and water as Pakistan’s fragile government struggles with the worst floods in 80 years, which have killed more than 1,600 people.

“As the Pakistani people see the tremendous efforts that America is making to provide them with support … they will appreciate the commitment that we have there (in Pakistan),” Rajiv Shah, administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, told Reuters in an interview.

al Reuters spin: U.S. uses Pakistan disaster to show commitment

‘Experts’ said the disaster gave the Obama administration “a rare chance to help” reverse negative opinion of the U.S. role in the region, and also was an effort to counter extremist attempts to take advantage of the chaos caused by the floods.

The United States is viewed with suspicion by most Pakistanis, despite a commitment to spend $1.5 billion a year over the next five years on nonmilitary aid.

Asked whether he thought the U.S. response to the floods could change that negative image, Shah replied: “I hope so, of course.”

Do we really need to be as generous as Slick Willie’s wife?

Hillary Urges Americans to Donate to Suffering Pakistanis… Then Gives 10 Bucks

Hillary Clinton urged Americans on Wednesday to give to suffering Pakistanis after a deadly flood killed over a thousand people. Then gave $10.  (Gateway Pundit via The Hill)

The latest Pew poll shows only 17 percent of Pakistanis have a favorable view of the United States and even fewer — eight percent — see President Barack Obama positively.

The United States has given $35 million in flood relief so far and Shah said more funds would be added, with fears the situation will deteriorate as more rains come.

“This could get a lot worse,” he warned.

A big focus in coming days will be to prevent communicable diseases such as cholera while also making sure as many people as possible are rescued.


Ensuring adequate food supplies is also a priority, with widespread destruction of crops and livestock in many areas.

“We are tracking that very closely,” he said, adding that on the plus side Pakistan has a wheat surplus this year.

U.S. officials are looking at whether some funds already committed for various projects will be reallocated to deal with the immediate crisis created by the floods, which have affected 12 million people in two provinces.

One senior U.S. official, who declined to be named, said there was some frustration over Pakistan’s slow pace of delivering a detailed list of needs and priorities.

But Shah said there was always a lack of clarity in the early days of a disaster. “We call it the fog of relief,” he said. “In a disaster, every day is about doing it better and being more effective and getting better data.”

The United States is working with the United Nations and other allies of Pakistan to assess needs and how much aid will be required over the short and long term.

There is also talk of an international donors meeting, possibly on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly next month, but it could be sooner.

Eyebrows have been raised by the decision of Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari to continue with a trip to Europe this week while the floods ravaged his country.

Shah declined to comment on Zardari’s decision or whether the Obama administration had pressed him to return home. “I probably should not get into that,” said Shah, who was in Pakistan last month.

(Editing by Todd Eastham)

12 thoughts on “Give generously, because the Pakistanis have such a negative image of the United States!”

  1. These mussies will hate the West even more, I reckon.

    They have a well-known reputation of biting the hand that feeds them, like the rabid dogs they are…

  2. Where are all the oil dollars that their Islam Brothers have earned out of the rest of the world for the last fifty years. They never give to the starving in Afrika or anywhere else. They just sit back and allow the generosity of the West kick in. Look what happened in Indonesia after the Tsunami NO HOUSES, BUT MORE MOSQUES.

    Did anyone notice in all the photo footage from these dreadful floods in Pakistan that there is hardly a woman or girl child to be seen in the rescue boats or indeed in pictures gathering the food parcels from the air. It is mainly all men. Not exclusively, but very often so. I suppose the woman is only worth the price of a dog or cat and can be easily replaced. But a man is one of Allah’s greatest creations and he must be served first to re stock the world with more of the masculine kind.

  3. Yes, there is a lot of hypocrisy within islamic countries, they do not
    help their brothers and sisters in need, but can spend millions in
    islam propaganda, bribery and support warlords around the world.
    rich muslims do not have money, the money has them.

  4. Ten bucks from Mrs Clinton to help the pakistanis. That’s about three flat whites where I come from.

    What generosity – what largesse!

    Or is she giving a subtle signal about what she really thinks about Pakistan. Probably not.

    Just a meanie then?

  5. reijo,

    I love your words, you are spot on the money. I think she hates the creeps. She does not want a Bhuto (Mrs) done on her.

  6. As we know Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.
    (1) Zakat (alms) is the name of what a believer returns out of his or her wealth to the neediest of Muslims.
    and interestingly
    (2) Zakat can be given in the path of Allah The fighter (mujahid) will be given as salary what will be enough for him. If he needs to buy arms or some other supplies related to the war effort, Zakat money should be used provided the effort is to raise the banner of Islam.

    Contrast that with Western Aid which is largely immediate, generous and not allocated on the basis of ‘faith’.

    As we well know most Muslim countries:
    (1) Have little wealth to distribute – reason Islam.
    (2) Have almost no concept of Humanitarian Aid – reason having an Islamic, rather than a Christian / Western worldview which underpins agencies such as the Red Cross, World Vision etc
    (3) Have pathetic / tribal / corrupt / forms of government – reason Islam.
    (4) Would never provide support to non-Muslims – reason Islam.

    However there are a few rich Islamic nations, having wealth generated by oil sales to the west. These nations are also characterised by the opulence of their ostentatious elite. They are not characterised by any philanthropic achievements.

    If Islam is to have any moral credibility, now is the time for these exceedingly rich Muslim nations to support their Muslim Pakistani brothers, rather than attacking the west for not providing relief fast enough for these suffering people.

    Further, if Islam is to have any moral credibility, now is the time for these exceedingly rich Muslim nations to condemn the murder in Afghanistan – in the name of Islam – of those trying to help those impoverished people.

    Unfortunately nothing is likely to change – reason Islam.
    Islam will continue having almost no moral credibility – reason Islam.

  7. The idiot muslims ask for aid, and then kill the doctors delivering it. Say no to helping the muslim world!!!!

  8. Good on you kaw, we need to do this. Just ignore them when they hold out their hands for more. Let their brothers and sisters help them. They bight the hand that tries to feed them.

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