3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Why the Mideast Matters”

  1. Did I hear right?
    “In Canada the Bible is now hate speech?”

    It certainly isn’t where I live. I wonder where in Canada the Bible is considered hate speech? Perhaps in one of the Muslim “no-go zones” in Mississauga, near Toronto, or in Montreal, Quebec. But in most places in Canada the Bible is an everyday part of life.
    Christianity and Judaism are very much alive and flourishing in Canada.
    Glenn, please come to Canada and do some research. Visit some rural areas of our rich country. We are diverse and Islam is taking advantage of our diversity built into our Constitution, much as they are in the US.

    Muslims use our sense of acceptance and tolerance to the max.
    They whine and complain that they are being persecuted, that they aren’t getting to do the things they should be allowed to do like regular foot baths in the workplace, prayer allowances five times daily on the job, being allowed to work in clothing stores wearing burkas, having their photos taken for their ID cards without their burkas on, having to take their burkas off to vote, driving cabs carrying passengers who are transporting liquor or who are smelling of liquor, not having halal food on the menu in restaurants, having to take their turbans off to wear a mortorcycle helmet (personally, I don’t care if they smash their bloody heads in an accident because they weren’t wearing a helmet), and on and on and on it goes. They are straining our legal system to the limits with their lawfare and most times they use our legal aid system or plead for legal aid to pay for their defense team supplied by CAIR-CAN.
    It is sickening, but the only way to defeat it is by spreading the word at the speed of light through emails to everyone with letter samples to send to members of Congress or members of Parliament, in Canada.
    The only way we will accomplish what seems to be the impossible is by fighting this onslaught with protests and letter writing campaigns.

    Glenn, I do appreciate what you are trying to do. It is most important that we get the word out to those who do watch news programs instead of “MTV”, “Little Mosque on the Prairie”(what a farce that is), or “Two and a Half Men”

    We must continue the fight or we will all be bowing with our assses in the air someday to a god that was stolen from a pagan moon cult and turned into a religion of conquest and piracy worldwide.

    Islam is not a religion of peace; it is just the opposite as long as we stand in the way of Islam becoming the tyrannical New World Order.

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