Gunshots and car burnings in Dudley

(over dropping of charges of EDL?)

An update from this:

Leon and Snowy are two English Defence League members who were arrested back in May for occupying the roof of the existing building on the site of the proposed mosque in Dudley. They were held in jail for several days and then charged with burglary and breach of the peace.

Now comes word that the charges have been dropped, and both men are free. However, one of them had his arm broken when he was beaten by the police — I suppose that’s just a little souvenir to remind him of his visit with Dudley’s friendly law enforcement community.

The Dudley Two Go Free

Gates of Vienna, read further…
According to The Dudley News:

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As this article does not name the people arrested, nor describe any of the circumstances that would normally be included in a news piece like this, I feel safe in guessing that:

1. It was Muslims rioting…

2. It was because the EDL people who were arrested on the rooftops protesting the opening of a megamosque in Dudley that no one wanted and government is forcing on people.

From Dudley news:

VIOLENT disorder broke out in Dudley last night as cars were attacked with baseball bats and reports of gunshots being fired.

The incident happened on the forecourt of the car wash in Stafford Street at around 7pm.

Police were called after witnesses saw a group of men smash cars parked outside premises, just off Wolverhampton Street.

Officers arrested a 37 year-old man at the scene, on suspicion of violent disorder and possession of an offensive weapon. He continues to help police with inquiries this morning.

A second witness later reported that gunshots had been heard in the vicinity around the time of the disorder.

At this stage, it is not thought that anyone was injured during the incident.

Detective sergeant Glenn Marriott from the Sandwell and Dudley team of Force Criminal Investigation Department said: “We are treating this incident very seriously, as it appears that those involved in the disorder were obviously in some kind of dispute and had access to weapons.

“We are continuing to conduct specialist searches at the scene today, and will be interviewing the man arrested at the scene.

“Stafford Street and Wolverhampton Street are busy thoroughfares and I would urge anyone who was passing the area at all from around 7pm last night to come forward and pass on any information you may have to the investigating officers.”

Roads in the area are open as normal this morning, however the affected business premises remains closed.

Sergeant Chris Fox from Dudley police station said: “Incidents such as this cause concern for local people and we will be carrying out patrols in the area to reassure residents and traders over coming days.

“Thankfully, this kind of disorder is unusual and we will be speaking to people in the area as part of inquiries to try and identify those involved.”

Anyone with information to help the police investigation is urged to contact Team 9 of Force CID at Harborne police station on 0345 113 5000 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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  1. This is what you get when you pussy foot around Mohammedans and beat up your own. Mohammedans are now so full of themselves they think they are above the Law and you know what THEY ARE RIGHT in moonbat left wing PC, MC , Islamophile UK.

    Its ONLY WHITEY who has to watch his step.

  2. ‘Who sent the parcel bomb to MI6?’

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it were done by some ‘fuzzy wuzzy shitheads’ to divert unwanted attention onto the Patriots.

  3. Can any one from the Dudley area provide additional references as to whom the rioters were. As regards the parcel bomb, the forensic people will track down its origins, so let them do their work. Speculation here and in the media makes it harder to secure a conviction if it is a “cultural enricher” who is involved – so say nothing and let those who are responsible get on with their job.

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