"I have a dream"

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Stay tuned for updates on  the Glenn Beck Rally

Several Hundred Thousand  Turn Out for Beck Restore Honor Rally (media reports ‘thousands’) Ambulance chaser Geraldo Rivera gives more airtime to race huckster Al Sharpton who  rallied less than 2000…..

Bummer. Al Sharpton’s Counter-Freedom Rally Attracts Only 3,000 Supporters

“Thousands” Turn Out: The state-run media is predictably annoyed with this patriotic rally.

RESTORING HONOR RALLY – 500,000 Patriots Gather to Honor America

WaPo’s Subliminal Deception

The left is literally pissing themselves:

“Not black enough”

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on Saturday was big and white and agitated. But in an informal survey of attendees, it was difficult to pin down what exactly motivated them to come to Washington, many from far away. At Beck rally, strong but vague feelings

Funny that these very same leftards have no problem with this:

Hate Crimes in US: More Attacks on Whitey Than Muslims (Gateway)

Its not racism when blacks do it:

Miss. School: Only White Students can be Class Prez, Only Blacks Vice Prez

Once again a blogger has shed light on a questionable practice and caused local officials to take “emergency” actions. This proves the power of the New Media. (Gateway)

2 thoughts on “"I have a dream"”

  1. Seems that in the USA only the loony left and Racist Blacks have SENSITIVITY if all the Lame Stream Media bleating about Glenn Beck doing his thing at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of MLK’s speech there is to be believed . It seems that somehow this is OFFENSIVE to moonbats and Racist Blacks. However if mainstreet America says it is SENSITIVE and OFFENDED that Muslims want to build a TRIUMPHALIST Mosque at Ground Zero then they are not they are just being Islamophobic and Bigots and are HATE MONGERS.
    The moonbat mind is a very strange place don’t you thnk?

  2. I am willing to bet that there were more people in DC bowing their heads and praying to GOD at Glenn Beck’s Rally yesterday than at any other time in history. Can that somehow be a bad thing???

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