In God We Trust…

…but not in Mohammedan baggage handlers:

Two Misunderstanders of Islam guilty in JFK Airport jihad bombing case

They conspired to create mass mayhem by blowing up “buildings, fuel tanks and pipelines at the airport” — in the name of Allah. “Two men guilty in New York airport bomb plot case,” from Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Two Islamist militants were found guilty on Monday by a federal jury in New York of plotting to bomb the city’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. (JW)

Andrew Bolt:   Beat this for an excuse

SOUTH Australia’s most defective bridges can finally be revealed, after the State Government tried to keep their locations a secret for more than a year claiming the information could benefit terrorists organisations such as al-Qaida.

Other Jihad Activities:

Carbeques in Cologne

Now that the soldiers of Allah have got their mega mosque the jihad begins in earnest… (PI in German)

From the RoP:

Islamic Jihad: We will resume suicide attacks’

Its not that they ever really stopped. Its because the wall  and Israeli security stopped ’em.

The Islamic Jihad organization said on Sunday that it has decided to resume suicide attacks against Israel from the West Bank.  The threat came in response to attacks launched by IAF planes on the Gaza Strip following the firing of rockets on Israel in the past few days.

Islamic Jihad plans attacks from West Bank after IAF Gaza raids. J’Post

Taliban Cut off Nose & Ears of Girl Trying to Flee Marriage…

The Plight of Afghan Women: TIME MAGAZINE
(See pictures of Afghan women and the return of the Taliban.)

Six Children Incinerated by Holy Warrior…

GUSH KHANA, Afghanistan — To residents of this farming village just outside the city of Kandahar on Monday, the erratic driver of a white Toyota Corolla appeared to be a learner, or possibly a drunk driver, swerving from one side of the highway to the other.

But the governor of Dand District, in a car heading toward him, thought otherwise and ordered his own driver to slam on the brakes, just in time to stop out of range as the Corolla, 200 yards away, exploded in a fireball that killed six children nearby and set neighboring houses and shops ablaze. More from the NYT

UK Killers Sentenced for Burning Innocent Couple Alive…

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  1. * SOUTH Australia’s most defective bridges …

    will collapse before al Qaeda targets them.

  2. We have some examples of muslim behavior detailed neatly on this page.
    Any muslims care to comment??? I presume that the umma will try and shut down the press in response to stories such as these – and if muslims are unwilling to ask why they themselves behave in these abhorrent fashions is there any hope for the muslim world…?? I suspect not.

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