Infiltration, Treason, Subversion

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A soldier who had just arrived home from Afghanistan was refused service at a supermarket and told they didn’t serve people in Army uniform.

Needless to mention that the store assistant was a Muslim… (Daily Mail)

British dad-of-four who was training police in Afghanistan is shot dead by escaped prisoner

….shot dead by a Muslim prisoner who overpowered guards as he was being taken to a prayer session. (Daily Mail)

More Truferism from Iran’s Mad Monkey in Chief: “the Jews knew…!”

But not to worry: George Galloway has conducted an interview with Iran’s President that will, he says, show that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not an extremist.  Ahmadinejad: Troofer (Harry’s Place)

Bunglawussi Watch

When it comes to government hand-outs, the comical “mr Bean” lookalike wants to make sure that no radical headbanger is left behind…. (HP : The MCB and ‘help’ we can do without)

Feminist F*kcwit Priyamvada Gopal in Al Guardian:

Behind Enemy Lines

“Time magazine’s cover is the latest cynical attempt to oversimplify the reality of Afghan lives”

“Misogynist violence is unacceptable, but….” (more on this moral blackhole here: Bastards/HP

Update: LOS ANGELES /AP— The disfigured Afghan teenager whose photo was featured on a Time magazine cover has arrived in California, where a foundation has arranged for reconstructive surgery.

Questions for Obama: “Civilian National Security Force” “Big as the Military” Who is the Enemy?

Behind Enemy Lines

Liberal progressives find Islamic infiltration in the Pentagon (and the White House) too funny!

Muslims Infiltrate Pentagon! Judeo-Christian Civilization Collapses

Libel blogger Charles Johnson from the lunatic fringe supports this garbage…..

Pentagon Submits to Islam

It is hard to believe that Muslims are alllowed to pray in the building they attacked.

It is even harder to believe that enemy agents  of the Hesham Islam  variety  are still firmly entrenched at the DHS and the only expert on Islam, John Coughlin, was eliminated…. Self-Inflicted Defeat/ Winds of Jihad: Hesham Islam gets the boot

10 thoughts on “Infiltration, Treason, Subversion”

  1. [Soldier in uniform refused service by muslim]

    Several options:

    (A) Dismiss muslim, send staff for sensitivity & diversity training (only works when a dhimmi does it)

    (B) Soldier to take uniform off, including army issue undies & socks.

    (C) Soldier to wear a burka or doily

    But it isn’t the first time Britain’s defenders have been barred, including from Harrods:

    [Harrods bans soldiers on Poppy Day

    A serving Army officer was banned from entering Harrods on Remembrance Day in case his uniform upset other shoppers.

    Lieutenant Daniel Lenherr had just taken part in a parade honouring Britain’s war dead when the London department store turned him away at the door.

    The security guard told him other customers might be intimidated by the uniform. ]

  2. Excuse me, but I didn’t see where the store clerk was mentioned in the article as being a muslim? I didn’t see that the soldier was denied service by a muslim. Am I missing something?

  3. It is hard to believe that Muslims are alllowed to pray in the building they attacked.


    If they are allowed to build an Iwo Jima type monument at Ground Zero, ‘praying’, whatever that is in Islam, is no problem at all.

    Now if a Muslim Pentagon employee shot to death several military personnel, that would be a different matter.

    What? You don’t say.

  4. A soldier of allah shouting allahu ackbar while shooting several military personnel on a US military base would have nothing to do with islam.

  5. Subversion & treason at the highest levels in the USA …

    Will Sharia reign supreme?

    [One of the odd dichotomies in the academic career of recently confirmed Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is her militant opposition to the U. S. military’s ban on homosexuality and her equally fervent embrace of the Sharia law of the Mideast that proscribes death for homosexuals.]

    >> Tuesday, August 10, 2010
    BBC news coverage of the Pakistani floods is saturating (!) the airwaves but I think even the BBC interviewer was surprised during this interview with a Bradford lady Anjum Tahirkheli who has set up a charity that involves sending cash to Pakistan to buy food from Pakistan that then goes to beleaguered Pakistanis,

    The BBC continues its pro-Islam anti-West and ant- Christian propaganda.

  7. I reckon the man in army uniform should have shot dead the store assistant. Teach these bastards to respect the Army uniform the hard way. Christians do not need any help from the media in promoting Salvation. When Christians pray, they are praying to our Creator, Almighty God but when muslims bend their heads to the ground and lift their smelly backsides in the air, they are actually bowing to the D E V I L.

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