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Last week a documentary was shown on German TV about the plight of German students who are now a minority in their own school. The following review of “War in the Classroom” appeared in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung before the film was aired. The documentary itself may be found at the ARD website (in German).

Vlad Tepes has done a great job adding English subtitles and you can watch the whole thing on his website. Here’s the first of the lot, for the rest please click on the link:   (Vlad Tepes)

When Muslims are a majority in non-Muslim lands. German high schools…

ARD today is showing a portrait of a parallel world: a school where Germans are a minority, where it is tough every day in the schoolyard, and teachers faced with stubborn prejudices resign.

by Regina Mönch

Everything used to be different, even in the schools. That reverberates in the notable film by Nicola Graf and Güner Y. Balci. Nobody says everything was better in Essen-Karnap then, almost three decades ago, when Brigitta Holford became a teacher at the local secondary school. Right at the start, she tells what was different: she liked teaching so much. Her German and Turkish students were a community; there were many friendships. At some point, the Germans began to draw away. At some point, they became the minority in the classroom, and since then things have been difficult in the schoolyard and in teaching.

Brigitte Holford still has these good-natured eyes. She always tries her hardest to give her students the best start in life, but it is immediately apparent that it is a losing battle. In intensive conversations over a long period of time, the two cinematic authors are able to show the difficult situation the students and faculty are in. It is the story of a manifested intolerance which defies all attempts by teachers to crack it.

Brutal Beatings and Insults are Everyday Events

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  1. Strange the turn of events that are taking place in Germany, yesterday they were Nazi’s and now they are a nation infested with muslim terrorists. This should be a warning for all Australians. Let us not be complacent and allow an Atheist to turn our country into a melting pot for the scum of the earth, especially muslim terrorists. The only good muslim is a dead muslim. If we do not act soon, the policies of labor will come back and bite us on the bum, soon, very, very soon.

  2. Hah, How is the assimilation working? These muslims have not given anything to the world in 1400 years, they will take away your way of life. They are here to conquer you and not to assimilate into the german way of life. keep dreaming you liberal germans till the sword is at your neck.

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