Islam is an ideology, not a race

Andrew Bolt

Islam is an ideology, not a race

That’s it. Spot on! Some people in the right places must be reading WoJ.

A very sane decision by the Equal Opportunity Division of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal:

53 First, vilification of Muslims does not fall within section 20C(1), because Muslims are not a ‘race’ as defined in section 4 of the Act. The reason, as the Tribunal said in Khan [i.e., Khan v Commissioner, Department of Corrective Services & anor [2002] NSWADT 131] at [18], is that Muslims ‘do not share common racial, national or ethnic origins’ and are therefore not an ethno-religious group such as the definition embraces. In so ruling, we follow the decisions, commencing with Khan, that are listed above at [44]. We are unaware of any recent authority to the contrary. It follows that any statements broadcast by the Respondents that generated negative feelings towards Muslims generally, or any group of Muslims, on the ground of their being Muslims could not amount to unlawful racial vilification.

8 thoughts on “Islam is an ideology, not a race”

  1. All thanks to the Sheik and the WoJ.
    People in the right places are being educated.
    islam is a political and military ideology, full stop, and WILL BE IRRADICATED, FULL STOP!

  2. DD,
    On AB’s blog people are slowly starting to wake up to the evil that faces us. The more that see this the better.

    I’ve noticed for a while now 1 article about Islam snowballs into pages upon pages of responses. I also thank a couple of the dumb bumb sniffers there who let all see the deceit the ‘so called’ moderates use to pull the wool over peoples eyes.

    The fightback has started. I see the light.

  3. Ironside, me too!!

    More Aussie responses in Comments,
    More MSM articles-believe it or not-with pregnant pauses,
    [We are subtle to a tee]
    Less hijabs, jilbabs, niqabs and burqas,
    Less islamists’ extreme comments,
    More fear than loathing in comments,
    More, much more work to be done, to eliminate this pest permanently!!!

  4. Good stuff. Even vilified shock jocks such as Alan Jones and Chris Smith on 2GB are now speaking out about the problems posed by the religion of so-called peace.

  5. And neither are Jews, they are also a race of people who live in a place formerly called Judeah. Because of this they have the right to call it their land. Perhaps they all believed in Yewah, once both Palistanian and Jews, but they have gone their separate ways as we all have. Modern day Christianity has no resemblance to a time when Jesus went to the Temple and threw out the money lenders from their spot there. Jews had been for almost two thousand years the only people in Europe to be able to lend money. Crowned heads of Europe had to go to the Jewish money lender to fight the crusades. Until the Templars came along and changed banking, lending and all the rest of the evil banking we have today.

    We all know these things and it should be pointed out more frequently by the Lords of the Media.

    However like all evolution and revolution – it comes from the hearts of the people – not the shock jocks

  6. Islam is a political religious system.
    Jews, arabs, latin-americans and europeans are all caucasians;
    there are only ethnic and cultural differences.
    Palestinians in general believe in allah.
    Jews in general believe in elohim.
    They don’t use the name of God; only titles.
    religion and politics are way off their bases these days.
    probably it is only getting worse.

  7. The word Islam stands for at least two different things, a religion and totalitarian ideology, like communism and Fascism. And, like other totalitarian ideologies, it will be replaced by something else.

    Ludwik Kowalski, the author of

    “Diary of a Former Communist: Thoughts, Feelings, Reality.”

    The link to this FREE on-line book is

    It is my autobiography, based on a diary kept between 1946 and 2004 (in the USSR, Poland, France and the USA).

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