"Islamophobic Thugs" Discovered

Fake Hate Crime:

“ISLAMOPHOBIC THUGS” stuck a pig’s head on to the gates of an Islington mosque

The writer from the Islington Gazette is enraged as a Musulman can be:

ISLAMOPHOBIC thugs stuck a pig’s head on to the gates of an Islington mosque – offending hundreds of worshippers.   The head was not discovered until almost three hours later, when those arriving for early morning prayers were greeted by the sickening sight.   Pigs are considered unclean in Islam, and the attack on the place of worship will be seen as a grave insult by Muslims.  More>>

Pig’s head attack on mosque in Finsbury Park

Pigs heads are causing Islamic terrorism!

A former editor at the Muslim Student Union turns her back on bigotry and Islam. “To the MSU, free speech is what we say and what we agree with, while hate speech is what everyone else says.” Campus Apostate Speaks Out/(Pajamas Media)

Anjem Choudary:

“There is no equality, my dear brothers and sisters, between Islam and non-Islam. Islam is superior, the Muslims are better, the Muslims are the best.”British Muslims Call for New 7/7/(Express)

Bill Kristol: Democrats Today ‘Would Have Given Up on WWII In 1942′ – Video

On Fox News Sunday, Bill Kristol says that many of the Democrats today that want to give up in Afghanistan would have also given up on WWII in 1942. (Gateway Pundit/Freedom Lighthouse)

Curiously, no  outrage when Judeophobic rocket scientists are shooting their ‘firecrackers’ into Israel:

Jerusalem (AP) – A string of rockets was fired early Monday toward the Israeli resort city Eilat, and one hit in neighboring Jordan, injuring five people, officials in both countries said…..

Bomb explodes in Hamas commander’s house, jihadis blame…Israel

Those wily Zionists. Now they’re pretending to be Hamas operatives and staging work accidents in Hamas commanders’ homes. Will they stop at nothing? “Blast in Gaza wounds 24 Palestinians,” from Reuters, August 1 (thanks to Weasel Zippers & JW)

3 thoughts on “"Islamophobic Thugs" Discovered”

  1. On “The War” – ABC TV a few minutes ago:

    “A skillet of bacon grease is a little munitions factory.”

  2. Are muslims inadvertently blowing themselves up with haram glycerine produced from pig fat?


    [NEWSREEL: Fats make glycerin and glycerin makes explosives. Every year two billion pounds of waste kitchen fats are thrown away. Enough glycerin for ten billion rapid-fire cannon shells. A belt one hundred fifty thousand miles long. Six time around the earth. A skillet of bacon grease is a little munitions factory.]

  3. Those wily Zionists.
    I can just picture all those Arabs running around like ants that just had their hill stepped on by a giant human, talking in Arabic like chickens in the henhouse that was just invaded by the fox. The Jews, it must have been the Jews. It wasn’t a mistake of the Hamas bomb maker, no, it was definitely the Jews. “Are you sure he crossed the wires for the detonator, brother”? “Don’t speak a word of this to anyone….yes, everyone, it was definitely the Jews. Give me your Blackberry, brother, and I’ll call the media right away!”
    “Yes, sir, it was definitely the Jews that blew up our commander’s house. It had to have been. Get your reporters here right away.”

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