King Hassan II & the misunderstanders of Islam

Hassan II: “A Secular Muslim is Not a Muslim”

Thanks to GoV & Vlad Tepes

In the video below, the late King Hassan II of Morocco (died 1999) asserts the absolute primacy of sharia in Islamic countries. In fact, he even denies the possibility of secular law under Islam.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a brief Dutch-language article from the ICLA website, and also the French from the video. Many thanks to Bivouac-IDfor the original French-language transcript of the video and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The French blog Bivouac-ID — comparable to the German Politically Incorrect and one of the most prominent French blogs on Islam and the dangers it entails — has a published a video of King Hassan II of Morocco in which he briefly explains why it is an illusion to think there ever can be a “secular” Islam (sometimes called a “European Islam”). In short, Islam is incompatible with Western secular rule of law. Indeed, Hassan II, King of Morocco from 1961-1999, suggests that a secular Muslim is not a Muslim simply because “a Muslim can not be secular”.

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Blockade of  Melilla

“the blockade would be over if the king wanted it”


Moroccan demonstrators have suspended a blockade of Spain’s north African enclave in Melilla until the end of Ramadan.

They had been preventing goods entering the territory in protest at alleged abuses by Spanish police against Moroccans.

Agreement was reached between protesters and traders after the enclave faced a shortage of fish, fruit and vegetables.

“It’s an opportunity for the police authorities in Melilla to solve what they have to solve,” said Mounaim Chaouki, president of the National Committee for the Liberation of Ceuta and Melilla.

Rabat has always viewed the two Spanish enclaves in northern Morocco as ‘occupied towns’.   (Euronews)

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  1. Before the Islamic conquest of Spain, Ceuta and Melila were VASSALS of the Visigoth Kingdom of Hispania (the infamous traitor Count Julian was prince of the former); thus, they are LEGITIMATELY part of Spain.

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