Luton "Cleaners" Jailed

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The massive infiltration of Western airports by Mohammedans is no accident. Many airports are beleaguered by Mohammedan taxi drivers and inside you find large numbers of baggage handlers, cleaners and service personnel,  strategically  positioned. Any idea why that is….?

TWO cleaners at London’s Luton Airport were jailed after being caught on camera stealing valuables from passengers’ luggage.

TWO cleaners at London’s Luton Airport were jailed after being caught on camera stealing valuables from passengers’ luggage.

Airport CCTV footage shows the thieves in action. Picture: Sky News

Covert police footage captured the pair patting down bags before dipping in and helping themselves to iPods, cigarettes and cash, Sky News UK reports

Some $55,000 in cash was discovered at Interserve worker Anthony Currant’s home – as well as 12,000 cigarettes and 66 packs of tobacco. Police found 4,800 cigarettes and 144 packs of tobacco at accomplice Abul Hussain’s house, plus a number of electrical items, jewellery and a quantity of cash.

The pair were jailed after being arrested in February.

Police began the operation after passengers complained that valuables went missing from their luggage.

Secret cameras caught the two workers diverting arriving luggage into a smaller room, where they rummaged through suitcases and bags.

Thefts from luggage at the airport dropped 77 percent after the pair was caught.

Currant was sentenced to six months in jail, while Hussain received a three-month sentence for his lesser role in the thefts.

“Travellers can be reassured that we take the security of their luggage very seriously,” Sgt. Steve Farrer, of Luton Airport police said.

“With an average of around 700,000 passengers travelling through the airport each month and around seven pilferages now being recorded each month, this makes up a very small percentage of all baggage handled.”

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  1. The situation is similar in Australia. A good picture of the mohammedan strategy is seen in London. The mohammedans have placed themselves in strategic positions to create the utmost disruptions to local civil transport infrastructure when required. It is also no coincidence that the mohammedans have massively infiltrated the local public service and immigration services. The latter has not been completely successful, which is why a third prong of the mohammedan attack is now being made on education institutions, in order to prosecute a form of institutionalized “brain washing” with regard to islam.

  2. Does any one seriously believe that a six/three month sentence is actually going to deter anyone intent on stealing?
    Is this a joke? You get more than that for spitting on an Imam.

    Had they been members of the EDL they would no doubt have been given 6 years.

  3. A policeman in NYC died during an investigation of the gang activities in the airport there. Muslim gangs and other types. I’ll see if I can find the info. A friend of mine works alongside some of the intel folks and she told me about it after it made the NY news…I’ll look around and get back to you

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