The Raufs’ Original “Interfaith” Mosque: Jews Responsible for 9/11


The more one digs into the players behind the Ground Zero mosque project, the more one discovers a pool of deceit and anti-Semitic supremacists. Remember folks, these are the people that Obama has signed off on, giving his full approval of the mosque. A bunch of Anti-Semites. KGS

The most informed and understandably passionate critics of Sharia-supremacist Imam Feisal Rauf’s proposed Ground Zero mosque are men and women such as FDNY Rescue’s Tim Brown, and 9 /11 Families for a Safe and Strong America, Debra Burlingame. Motivated by the profound personal losses they experienced as a result of the cataclysmic acts of jihad terrorism on 9/11, Brown and Burlingame have studied all aspects of Rauf’s efforts to build his triumphal mosque with unparalleled tenacity and intelligence. Read More

Far left Lunatic  Jewicidal Capo Jeffrey Goldberg:

‘Ground Zero’ Imam Rauf: ‘I Am a Jew, I Have Always Been One’

Sure thing. Willie Clitman was America’s first black president…..

The Atlantic

Go on Jeffrey! Be a good Kapo and drive the Jews in the ovens!  Don’t let reality bite you, be a good dhimmi!

The Media That Defends Ground Zero Mosque Also Defended Burning Down Synagogues In Gaza

What is quite apparent is that those who argue against the Ground Zero Mosque only from a point of view of it’s propriety and not against Tolerance of Islam per-se, in the end are as much of the problem as those who favor it’s construction based on multicultural tolerance and untested first amendment rights to build it. Tolerance of evil and ideologies antithetical to America and American values is pure stupidity and might be that which destroys America from within. It is insane to be tolerant of those and that who wish to subvert that for which you stand. Yamit (Dalet Amos)

That’s more like it:

Ground Zero Imam: ‘I Don’t Believe in Religious Dialogue

Oh, really?

Only two months before, on March 24, 2010, Abdul Rauf is quoted in an article in Arabic for the website Rights4All entitled “The Most Prominent Imam in New York: ‘I Do Not Believe in Religious Dialogue.’”

Yes, you read that correctly and, yes, that is an accurate translation of Abdul Rauf. And Right4All is not an obscure blog, but the website of the media department of Cairo University, the leading educational institution of the Arabic-speaking world.

In the article, the imam said the following of the “religious dialogue” and “interweaving into the mainstream society” that he so solemnly seems to advocate in the Daily News and elsewhere:

This phrase is inaccurate. Religious dialogue as customarily understood is a set of events with discussions in large hotels that result in nothing. Religions do not dialogue and dialogue is not present in the attitudes of the followers, regardless of being Muslim or Christian. The image of Muslims in the West is complex which needs to be remedied.

But that was two months ago. More recently — in fact on May 26, one day after his Daily News column –  Abdul Rauf appeared on the popular Islamic website Hadiyul-Islam with even more disturbing opinions. That’s the same website where, ironically enough, a fatwa was simultaneously being issued forbidding a Muslim to sell land to a Christian, because the Christian wanted to build a church on it. (Walid Shoebat/Pajamas Media)

Whatever else the media may be, objective is not one of them. And they have made very clear where their bias runs on this issue. (by Daled Amos)

The media is making a very big deal out of the tolerance and sensitivity that is lacking in those who oppose building of the Ground Zero Mosque, writing about how the freedom of religion and the right to build a mosque trumps the emotions raised by the destruction of the World Trade Center by Muslim terrorists and the insistence of an imam to build a mosque nearby.

Funny–that tolerance and sensitivity was thrown out the window when the media felt the need to justify the destruction of the synagogues left in Gaza after the Disengagement. Read More

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  1. “The Media That Defends Ground Zero Mosque Also Defended Burning Down Synagogues In Gaza.”

    Me thinks it’s about time Israel takes back the Temple.

  2. Trencherbone,go stuff yourself,and if you can do that, it would be the most constructive thing you have ever done,have a nice day.

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  5. islam has truly enriched our culture, with phrases like “celebrate diversity”, “sensitivity training”, “three great Abrahamic faiths”, “islam is peace”, “hurt feelings”, “we are shocked!”, “history of mental illness” and “nothing to do with islam!”. /needmorecaffeine

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