Nonie Darwish is "extremist", claims CAIR agent Ziad Ramadan

Ex Muslims who tell the truth about Islam are “extremist”, Muslims are all about peace & love and interfaith dialogue, and if we just allow them to build mosques on every street corner along with Islamic indoctrination in our schools everything will be just swell:

So ex-Muslims who live in fear of assassination are ‘extremist?’ Do they fly jets into buildings? Do they blow us up?

Ramadan cites “Loon-Watch’, a smear blog run by a bunch of headbangers.  He claims Nonie Darwish makes “a living” from bashing Muslims (he himself is on  the Arab payroll.) The pop-tart from MSNBC plays the ‘fair & balanced’ fool: ” the numbers of supporters have outnumbered the protestors across America” (really? have they?)  and so on.

No wonder  no one is watching MSNBC …..

Atlas Shrugs:

One thought on “Nonie Darwish is "extremist", claims CAIR agent Ziad Ramadan”

  1. Only leftist ideologue morns watch MSNBC.
    Nonie Darwish knows the religion of Islam. The taqiyya is flowing everywhere. It is a war of wrods but it is going to heat up into a real war if they keep ramming sharia law, through mosques, down the throats of Americans.
    The numbers of those against this mosque is rising rapidly and the number for are dwindling…just like Obama’s popularity.
    The only ones who believe in religious freedom for Islam are the idiots too stupid to watch or read about true Islam.
    Nonie Darwish was belittled. It’s truly sad when you get two against one in the MSM.
    Prophet of Doom

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