Not a penny for the Paki's!

Pakistan’s Christians: death, rape, poverty, endless violence and discrimination.

An update from this: Give generously, because the Pakistanis have such a negative image of the United States!

Pakisan: Christian Pastor Rashid Emmanuel Gunned Down in Faisalabad Court in Broad Daylight on July 19, 2010

Some will have read off the sick, shocking shooting dead of 2 innocent Christians in Pakistan on 19/7/2010 (summary below).  A Pakistani Christian describes life in Pakistan and the sheer distress and immense difficulty in obtaining visas to reach the west and safety for family and friends.   In Faisalabad   Christians have fled their homes as indeed they have before and are in hiding as the MUSLIM MOB moves through their largely Christian area.  For Christians there is constant abuse and a precarious existence as any second they can be attacked, raped, stoned, beaten, bombed including when at prayer in their church, or falsely charged with ‘blasphemy’ or any other crime.

I ask where is the condemnation from our government, politicians and the public?  Where are the worldwide protests at the endless violence, degradation, and denial of freedom and equality to non-Muslims in the Islamic world and the demand that this STOP.  Where is ‘the church’ –Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox who,  instead of uniting and fighting for the rights of others in the Islamic world, play huggy, kissy with their enemies –Islam- and look the other way as a slow genocide is carried out against all non-Muslims.  Read more: Pakistan’s Christians: death, rape, poverty, endless violence and discrimination from the Australian Islamist Monitor – read it all!

In other news:

Pakistani president Zardari gets the  shoe on U.K. visit (The irony of this, of course, is that back in April, British police submitted to the idea of shoe-throwing as a ritual form of protest among Muslims, rather than an act of assault.Associated Press thanks to JW)

Surely, Zardari deeply appreciated the culturally sensitive accommodation of this practice.

Ali Sina: Pakistan and Legalized Religious Persecution

Imagine one evening you hear a knock on the door. When you open it, a group of armed men with police uniforms enter your house, beat you and handcuff you. Your wife and children are terrorized, but they are told to shut up or they too will be beaten. Read it all: Ali Sina: Pakistan and Legalized Religious Persecution

3 thoughts on “Not a penny for the Paki's!”

  1. Wow to think what we in the West have to look forward to. If you don’t think it will happen it already is to a certain extent, France NO GO AREAS.

    Satans found his children and they’re gonna let us know all about it.

  2. Islam is all about conquest. Conquest of the land, then conquered people’s iconic symbols, particularly religious symbols and places of worship.

    But it all starts out with the conquest of land. This can take place by invasion, but that is no longer possible. The way now is immigration, then settling in a ghetto and driving out the indigenous. The remaining churches are then converted to mosques. Its the same pattern everywhere.

    How to fight back? Fight fire with fire is the only way. It will have to come to that or we will lose. We cannot win this war by appealing to moderate muslims, or to some passage in the koran that could be interpreted as peaceful or moderate. None of it will work. Either by demographic method, by subverting our democratic process, by intimidation, or all the above, Islam will win.

    In the end, force is the only way a civilisation or culture can defend itself against this rabid ideology – an ideology that Churchill termed as even more dangerous then hydrophobia.

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