On a Mission from Allah

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Even with 42% Unemployment, Muslims Prefer Infidel Spain…

(ANSAmed) – MADRID, AUGUST 3 – They are staying on in Spain whether they have jobs or not. Immigrants from Morocco, the largest foreign group resident in Spain, is also the one most affected by unemployment. Of the more than one million unemployed persons of foreign origins registered as living is Spain at the end of 2009, around 350,000 are of Moroccan nationality. This is 42.4% of the community of 775,054 immigrants from Morocco with residence permits. These figures come from the 4th survey of immigration and the job market, which has been issued by the Ministry of Labour and Immigration and is quoted in today’s edition of the daily ABC.  (ANSAmed)

How to combat anti-Muslim bigotry: Invite people to adopt the Islamic world view

Readers may spot a certain circularity in this argument. If only people accepted the political perspectives of Tzortzis, Green and Philips then they wouldn’t object so strongly to them. Of course! Harry’s Place

Irishman Hopes to Fly ‘Black Flag of Islam’ over Parliament (Weasel Zipper)

Khalid Kelly, the former nurse and moonshiner who converted to Islam while in prison, is back on the Irish scene.

“I’m already on the path to jihad,” he said. “Next week, inshallah, I could be in Afghanistan fighting a British soldier.” But Kelly’s dreams of jihad turned sour and he never made it to Afghanistan.

Now he’s back.  Islam works like a drug.

Hindu Family Forcibly Converted, Circumcised…

Modern, ‘moderate’ Malaysia:

Rani born to a Muslim mother but since a sixteenth day old baby was adopted and brought up as a Hindu by a Hindu family. Rani practices Hinduism and wants to live and die as a Hindu . But the UMNO Jabatan Agama Islam stormed into her house and her husband Muniandy that very same night was forcibly circumcised. Muniandy was earlier threatened with a six year jail sentence if he did not convert to Islam. Now after thirty years later Rani’s daughter Vijiyaletchumi and Sasikala ( who is now 6 months pregnant ) are now suffering the very same predicament her mother Rani faced some thirty years ago because their identity cards carries a Muslim name although she practices Hinduism and has never practiced Islam.  Gee, and you thought FREEDOM OF RELIGION MEANS ANY RELIGION?   (Human Rights)

Nokia Offers Islamic Utilities on Mobile Phones…

What could be more important?

Nokia has been losing market share and Nokia shares have been on downers for more than 6 years. Sucking up to Arabia won’t save them:

(ANSAmed) – TUNIS, AUGUST 3 – Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone company, has launched a range of offers for the upcoming month of Ramadan, which will start next week. The various applications include one relating to the Koran which allows reading, searches and audio playbacks; the times of prayers for the thousands of cities in 200 countries; and a map to help Muslims locate mosques throughout the world (Boyoot Allah).

Other possibilities include helping non-Arab-speaking Muslims to understand the Koran, the Hadith (narrations concerning the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad) and the Dua (prayers). These applications, approved by the religious authorities, are developed by ASGATech, a partner of the Nokia Forum in the Middle East. (ANSAmed)

(Kyrgyzstan) Police and Torture Victims Take Time Out to Pray

The Talipov family were among the lucky ones. For four days straight in mid-June, Kyrgyz mobs attacked the Uzbek community in the city of Osh, looting and burning entire Uzbek neighborhoods. Hundreds of people were murdered, but the Talipovs lost only one of their own: a second cousin was shot in the stomach by a gang of men near his home and bled to death in hospital the same night. Before sunrise, the family had buried him. Then they allowed themselves to believe in the calm that was returning to the city. In the weeks that followed, the hundreds of thousands of Uzbeks who had escaped to refugee camps slowly came home. The violence appeared to have passed.

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