Painful: Laura Ingraham, Walid Shoebat and 'Reverend Barry Lynn', a reality resistant moonbat…

Bloomberg Questions Motives of Mosque Opponents

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“If you’re keeping score, it is Senator Harry Reid and Howard Dean against the mosque. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the president okay with it. That is a Civil War within the Democratic Party, no matter how they try to spin it.”   – Bill O’Reilly

“Chris Matthews, why in the world are you thinking about a guy sitting at a cafe in Cairo? The guy sitting at a cafe inCairo is thinking about how to get out alive, he’s not thinking about how to get into Michigan State!”- Rush Limbaugh

Why Muhammad hated dogs:

During prophet time, dogs used to come and urinate in the mosque all the time. Prophet was so sick and tired that he ordered all dogs of Madina killed.
Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 174:

4 thoughts on “Painful: Laura Ingraham, Walid Shoebat and 'Reverend Barry Lynn', a reality resistant moonbat…”

  1. * Imam Rauf Tells Non-Muslims to Submit to Islamic Terror, Do Not Use Word allah

    On the one hand …

    [My message to the Christian community in Malaysia is that using the word Allah to mean the Christian God may be theologically and legally correct, but in the context of Malaysia, it is socially provocative.]

    … but on the other hand, it is quite OK to build a [mosque thing] adjacent to Ground Zero, regardless of social provocation.

    Heads Rauf wins. Tails you lose.

  2. Barry Lynn is obviously uneducated about Islam, the Koran, Rauf, American sentiment. But, that never stopped anyone from getting up in public and running their mouth nor will it compel him to increase his education about Islam. He is not a proponent of the cliche, “best keep quiet lest you open your mouth and dispel all doubt about your ignorance.”.

    And, it is why I am a confirmed secularist…out w/ zealots and fanatics.

  3. Oh, yes, to Rev. Lynn, Shari’a, and Islam, is the antithesis of secularism. At least here, in the US, we have the means of keeping the religious fundamentalists of every group from obtaining as much control as the Islamic fundamentalists do…and it must just chap is rear to no end.

    When churches and synagogues are allowed in Saudi Arabia, then we can revisit the building of GZ Mosque or any more mosques in the US. PERIOD.

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