14 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Liberated From Atheism”

  1. Now, if only Pat Condell supported Israel, then I’d feel comfortable promoting his work…

  2. Philip,

    There is always hope…..

    I like the way he talks, but his moral relativism leaves me cold.

    1. Yes Paul, I know.

      But if we disown every one who is anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian we will end up like the toothless, symbol chasing Lizard. Pat Condell is wrong when it comes to Israel, Zionism and Jews. But that doesn’t mean he is wrong on what he says in this vid or in many others.

      Besides, few people get it right when it comes to Israel and Jews, so I’m not condemning him for his views. Pat Condell has learning ability and with knowledge comes understanding.

  3. You clowns miss the point entirely. Condell is anti-RELIGION.
    Your respective beliefs ALL belong in the stone age where they
    were devised by semi-literate grey bearded old goats to promote their. status among a lot of ignorant peasants.

  4. Is he anti-Israel?
    I don’t think so.
    Maybe he not a big fan but he doesn’t seem to be biassed prejudiced against Israel.

  5. Paul,
    Thanks for that link.

    from that link/vid he strikes me as another UN apologist Jew hater. There’s already enough of his kind around so I don’t think i’ll bother with his vids anymore.

  6. That video is undeniable.He is 100% correct.
    I would have more respect for the Dawkins’ of this world if they refrained from bashing Christians while bypassing commensurate ridicule of Islam,through fear.The atheist movement has a stain of cowardice about it and I too would be happy for ostracism from such a group.Those whom have made the coolness of atheism daggy don’t even approach Condell’s bravery.
    Oh,and Paul,you suck.

  7. On the whole Pat Condell is a force for good. He quite often slags off the BNP,which pisses me off,but he’s entitled to voice his opinion. He’s a brave man,and long may he continue to educate the sheeple re the R of P

  8. Pat Condell is doomed for a heart attack if he keeps this form of hateful behavior up.
    The man is truly vile.

    I used to be an atheist.
    I thought I knew everything and everything could be explained with scientific knowledge.

    Pat just needs a near death experience, like I had, to wake him up.
    I just hope he doesn’t turn the other way when he comes out the other side. Imagine Pat Condell on the side of Islam? Heaven help us if he did. LOL

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