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Ahmadinejad wants Obama TV debate

“We will offer our solutions for world issues to see whose solutions are better.”

Which “solutions” might those be? Nuking Israel and making the world Islamic? Ahmadinejad has been offering this “solution” before…..

Ahmadinejad made a similar challenge last September, but was declined. He said he made the offer to former US president George W. Bush as well, who didn’t accept because he was “scared.” (J’Post)

45 killed in Pakistan street violence after official is assassinated

Raza Haider, the victim of a ‘targeted killing,’ was attending a funeral at a mosque when gunmen on motorcycles killed him and a bodyguard. Revenge attacks result in a spate of violence, with 93 people injured and dozens of stores and vehicles set on fire. (Chicago Tribune)

Germany spends $1 million to train Somali police officers, who then desert and join the jihad

Training the enemy — a policy that could only have been formulated by people who have no conception of the jihad doctrine or any will to fight it.

“Hundreds of German-financed Somalia police officers go missing,” from Deutsche Welle via Garowe Online, July 31 (via JW)

Israeli, Lebanese soldiers exchange fire

Prelude. “Israeli, Lebanese soldiers exchange fire on border,” from Reuters

This will make the Muzz go nutz:

a huge deposit of natural gas called “Leviathan” has been found under the Mediterranean, within the territorial waters of Israel. It is estimated to be equivalent in size to one-fifth of the United States’ natural gas reserves, and may have a potential value of 1.5 times the current GDP of Israel. (from the GoV)

Fly me to the moon:

Three Muslims from the UAE become first non-U.S. citizens to train at NASA

NASA chief Charlie Bolden said it: “Perhaps foremost, [Obama] wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with predominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.” The White House later denied this, but this news item confirms Bolden’s contention that Obama told him to make outreach to Muslims his priority at NASA.

Shamma al Qassim, Hazza Bani Malek and Hamad Rajab at the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, CA

“Emirati trio boldly go into Nasa as a world first,” by Kareem Shaheen for The National,

Obama sends Muslim envoy to India to bridge cultural gap between the US and Islam

Rashad Hussain, an American Muslim of Indian origin, is set to meet Muslim leaders and academics. His tour will take him to a number of Indian cities to improve relations between the United States and Islam. Indian Muslim peace activist Syed Ali Mutjaba is in favour of the visit, a legitimate attempt to improve the image of the US among Muslims. (Asia News)

Obama’s envoy to OIC says Obama has embarked on ambitious plan to promote education, health, science and technology in Islamic world

And other news items show that this is not just empty talk. But once again, what is the United States getting out of all this outreach? Does Obama actually believe that if he makes the U.S. play Santa Claus to the Muslim world, the jihad will end? Or does he have some other agenda?

“Obama has big plans for education, health in Muslim world: US Envoy,” from UNI, via JW

Spencer: Gingrich Sounds the Alarm about the Stealth Jihad

There is more

Three-quarters of non-Muslims are guilty of ignorance & bigotry towards Islam & Muslims and need to be  properly reeducated: Bunglawussi blog: ignorance and bigotry towards Islam and Muslims

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  1. I wonder why India agree. The islamic one is Pakistan and if Obama likes to whatever regarding islamists he should do it there.
    And since he is at the region and with such good will then he may ofer Hindus big plans for education, health etc’.
    That’s what I would have said being India PM.

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