Russian Priest Killed for Converting too Many Muslims

Pastor Killed for Converting ‘Too Many’ Muslims… (TROP)

Pastor Artur Suleimanov, 49, was shot by unidentified gunmen recently while leaving Hosanna Christian Church in Dagestan on July 15.

Suleimanov was a Russian pastor who founded the biggest Protestant church in the Northern Caucasus region. The church has 1,000 members, 80 percent of whom were previously Muslim.

He was murdered recently after a media report said he deserved to die for converting too many Muslims.

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2 thoughts on “Russian Priest Killed for Converting too Many Muslims”

  1. this is sickening to hear a man of god murdered for spreading the good news am sick of these muslims am sick of goverments who claim islam is peace. its only a matter of time when we the people will take the law into our own hands and fight back, we need to shoot back kill one of us then we kill one of you,this will stop muslims in their track.

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