Sheik Yer'mami's Ramadan Breakfast

Armenians cannot demand compensations from Turkey

Of course not!  The profit Muhammad also never paid any compo to those he robbed, raped and killed. To do so would be totally un Islamic!  How dare these filthy kaffirs!

Armenians could not demand compensations from Turkey regarding their properties during the Ottoman period, said the head of Turkish Historical Society.

Prof. Dr. Kemal Cicek, head of the Armenian Studies Desk at Turkish Historical Society, told the AA correspondent on Monday that Armenians could not demand compensation from Turkey as the issue ended after the payment of $900,000 by Turkey as a result of the agreement signed by Turkey and the United States in 1934.   (World Bulletin)

Netanyahu visits Greece to find another partner after Turkey

From the fire into the frying pan…..

NYT’s Roger Cohen’s heart bleeds for a dead Turkish terrorist…

(what a despicable traitor and a useful idiot!)

Rub it or scratch it?

Will CNN Bed Bug Infestation Cause MSM to Demand Lifting of DDT Ban?

Bed bugs have been detected in Time Warner Center. This determination was made after testing was conducted on several floors of the building. Read more @ newsbusters.

Mamduh Habib will get his passport, judge rules

Still looking for a good Muslim school for his children……?

Sportin’ a zebiba, Habib celebrates his case for defamation against The Daily Telegraph

A Federal Court judge has ordered Foreign Minister Stephen Smith to make a decision on the return of Sydney man Mamdouh Habib’s passport. (Sally Neighbour, The Australian)

Sowdi Barbarians are Displeased with Aussie Title Mills, Lack of Dhimmitude

Saudis complain that Aussie universities are not up to scratch. University PR gurus respond in the only way they know how – strongly deny (with dignified indignation) the “misinformed allegations”.

Saudis say Australian universities are not good enough/The Australian

Amanpour’s Panel Hails Obama’s ‘Courage,’ ‘Leadership’ and ‘Great Global Message’ on Mosque

Totally perverted, obsessed and deranged:  Cowardice & treason are now ‘courage’, so much for turnspeak and alternative reality from the left…..

Hold it, one’s not buying any:

thanks to Freedom’s Lighthouse

Greg Gutfeld’s Virgin Cocktails:

Why Are the Intolerant Preaching Tolerance?

Backwards on race relations under Zero:

Juan Williams: Media Always Make Blacks the Victims and Whites the Perpetrators

Juan Williams on Saturday said when it comes to news stories about race, America’s media always make black people the victims and white people the perpetrators. Read more: newsbusters.

3 thoughts on “Sheik Yer'mami's Ramadan Breakfast”

  1. I think this qualifies for ramadan (or fawning dhimmitude, at least).

    From The Oz – Mythical moderate muslims need to speak out:

    Moderate Muslims needs to speak out
    Khaled Abu Toameh

    [ALMOST every day, a new atrocity is committed in the name of Islam.]

    * almost?

    [One can understand why so-called “moderate” Muslims living under Arab and Islamic dictatorships are afraid to speak out. But what about those living in the West? What are they afraid of?

    Radical Islam is on the rise. It has become a tsunami that is threatening many countries. As long as “moderate” Muslims continue to sit on the fence and turn a blind eye to the threat, they, too, will be swept away by the flood.]

    Literally, in Pakistan’s case.

    allah is not a “moderate” – it is a bloodthirsty killer, using its slaves to portray any image of tolerance / intolerance / murder / mayhem / victimhood … as it sees fit.

  2. Islam is built on HYPOCRISY. Consider RAMADAN for example we are told that this is the FASTING month but look closer during Ramadan Muslims must not eat or drink between SUNRISE and SUNSET not an actual TIME period but actual SUN movement . So far so good and there are complicated tables produced in all Islamic countries showing EXACTLY when sunrise is and sunset is. All very well if like MOST Muslims and Mohammad you live near the Equator But what if you are a Muslim at the North or South Poles or regions getting close to there where it can be either perpetual day or perpetual night. You see Mohammad ( for it was he not the imaginary Allah his sock puppet INVENTION) did not know the world was round and that there were Poles (an amazing thing for the so called CREATOR not to know you must admit) . Modern day Muslim scholars jump through religious intellectual hoops trying to reconcile this illogical contradictory idiocy.
    But here is where the REAL HYPOCRISY trips in . Muslims get up before DAWN and gorge themselves they then gorge themselves at sunset and beyond. Trust me I know I am married to one. So its not FASTING its just DEFERRED eating. Unlike Christian Lent where you ACTUALLY give something up for 40 days. Saudi Arabia has OBESITY programmes AFTER Ramadan so Muslims can get rid of the weight they GAIN when so called FASTING. The FACT is that most Muslims eat MORE during Ramadan than they do normally then the HYPOCRITES call it fasting and want to be praised for their religious fervour.

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