Spanish Haarlem Princess

Hannity: Michelle Malkin on Michelle Obama’s Spain Vacation (The Right Scoop)

This Spain trip along with everything else should be enough to do the Obama’s in from re-election. I mean, honestly, between the no-results massive deficit spending and their ‘hoity toity’ lifestyle on the taxpayer’s dime, I would expect the MSM to be all over them. Oh right, it’s not the Bushes.

Michelle Malkin has the lowdown on a few of the unfashionable details of Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain:

Let them eat cake!

Then, there’s Krauthammer:  A vacation to Spain Is a “Bad Idea for a First Lady Who Literally Tells Us to Eat Our Spinach” (Video) via Gateway Pundit

It’s Grueling…  Vacation Summer Continues: 2 Vacations Down – 2 to Go For Obama Family This Month

As Rush says, “The Obamas party like royalty as the country boils over in disgust.”

Two down – Two to go…
The Obama’s four vacation month is half over.
The Exurban League reported via FOX Nation: