Stand by for the screams of “dog whistle”, “racism” and “fear-mongering”

Andrew Bolt:   The best time to talk about integration was when the Liberals wouldn’t

A Day Late and a Dollar Short:

TONY Abbott says he will take a stand against an extreme Muslim group he describes as “peddlers of hate” who have defamed Australian values.

In an exclusive interview with the Herald Sun, the Liberal leader revealed that if he won next Saturday’s federal election he would move to prosecute the radical Hizb ut-Tahrir.

And an Abbott government would order intelligence and security agencies to keep closer tabs on the group and others like it, which he said “gives aid and comfort to terrorism”…

Mr Abbott said he was “really distressed” by the “apparent enthusiasm of at least 1000 Australians” who attended an Israel-bashing conference organised by the group in Melbourne.

This is an issue the Liberals should have raised in the proper context – three weeks ago when immigration and population were the hot issues of the campaign.

Tony Abbott then did no more than give the smallest wink to concerns that some immigrants were not “joining the team”. He should have said then what he’s saying now.

But at least Abbott is talking about it now, on the day the papers are full of news about one immigrant family that – to our cost – most certainly did not “join the team”.