The Host & the Parasite, Part 2

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For simple proof that Muslims have no intention of integrating into Australian society or accepting Australian values, you need only listen to the words they use about their status here. We are referred to as the “host” country, they  are the “what?”

Not all Muslims are unemployed … but those with jobs are mostly employed as career Muslims, Their goal is not to benefit the society but to feed off it from within, attacking it, working tirelessly to immobilise it.

When I think of hosts, the first thing that comes to mind is a relationship of host and guest. Are Muslims guests in our country? Although our foolish and naive Government invited some of them here, a guest should be of mutual benefit to both parties and leave at the appropriate time. Even if a guest outstays their welcome, they eventually leave and the most damage that’s done might be a few empty beer cans strewn around the place. A guest does not come into a welcoming house and murder the host, rape his/her daughters, bash their sons, completely trash the place, never leave and then go down the Land Registry to change the title deeds into their own name. No, this cannot be the form of host relationship we have.

Just yesterday we had a Jew-hating creep posting here calling Israelis parasites,  ‘Kazakhs’ and Nazis, here is his number if you can be bothered:

Informed readers of this website know that Muslims and National Socialism share a long and dirty history. Imam Husseini was a personal friend of Adolph Hitler. It was the Islamic-National Socialist convergence that established the ‘Handschar brigades’, responsible for the the deaths fo nearly half a million Jews….. scum like Greg Felton are would be Eichmanns and Mengeles…..

This then brings to mind the parasite-host relationship that we witness in nature. First, let me be clear, this is not intended to be an insult or deliberately degrading, I could think of worse if I wanted to merely take that approach. Set out below is a description of the parasite-host relationship and you can draw your own conclusions. It comes from Wikipedia because, for today’s purposes, it is in simple and clear language. Whilst I appreciate Wikipedia is not always accurate nor is it a scientific journal, the parasite-host dynamic is hardly controversial. I have also provided some non-exhaustive comments after the descriptions, but mostly they speak for themselves:

Parasitism is a type of symbiotic relationship between organisms of different species where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the host.

In general, parasites are much smaller than their host, show a high degree of specialization for their mode of life, and reproduce more quickly and in greater numbers than their hosts.” A host is an organism that harbors a parasite…typically providing nourishment and shelter.

So, first we learn that Parasitism requires two different species – more on that later. We can take the ‘much smaller’ to reflect current population percentages of Muslims in the West or, more appropriately given they never stop being parasites, a representation of the relative difference in human development. A high degree of specialization explains their limited capacity to adapt, survive and flourish when in secular democracies (or ever).

“Parasitism is differentiated from parasitoidism, a relationship in which the host is always killed by the parasite such as moths, butterflies, ants, flies and others.”

This is an important point to make. Whilst Islam kills humanity, it is not in most parasite’s interest, particularly Muslims’, to physically kill the infidel host. Presumably this is why the “jizya tax” option is provided. I often wondered why this option existed, why not just kill all of us? The fact is that, with all the infidels dead, who is going to provide the brainpower?

Just look at the squalid, backward and wretched state of most Islamic countries. The Gulf countries are only now starting to get proper infrastructure and industry, but who provided this? All the engineers, architects, designers, bankers, lawyers, accountants and virtually every other professional comes from the West – not to mention the ideas. Prior to realising that the oil will run out one day, they were happy to sit with all that money but build nothing to generate a productive, innovative and workable country. They are infantile and incapable without the infidel.

Therefore it is better to just immobilise us, control us and keep the host (just) alive. As such, the relationship could not be considered as predator and prey.

“The harm and benefit in parasitic interactions concern the biological fitness of the organisms involved. Parasites reduce host fitness in many ways, ranging from general or specialized pathology (such as castration), impairment of secondary sex characteristics, to the modification of host behaviour. Parasites increase their fitness by exploiting hosts for food, habitat and dispersal.”

Unfortunately, the host’s fitness, and thus defence mechanisms, are severely impaired to begin with through the debilitating diseases of political correctness, apathy and self-interest. This has enabled the Muslim to attack an already weakened host, causing further disease and great harm. It also leads to serious modifications of host behaviour and thought like cowering to the demands of an aggressor, appeasement, cognitive dissonance, delusion and a muted sense of danger. Once mighty, proud nations now subservient to Muslim thugs. If we can consider strength and courage as characteristics that appeal to mates, then these have surely been impaired.

“Parasites are classified based on their interactions with their hosts and on their life cycles. Those that live on its surface are called ectoparasites (e.g. some mites) and those that live inside the host are called endoparasites (e.g. hookworms). Endoparasites can exist in one of two forms: intercellular (inhabiting spaces in the host’s body) or intracellular (inhabiting cells in the host’s body). Intracellular parasites, such as bacteria or viruses, tend to rely on a third organism which is generally known as the carrier or vector. The vector does the job of transmitting them to the host”.

We have I guess, the endoparasites, coming in both varieties. Those that form ghettos and are happy to exploit the host whilst repulsed at the very thought of inclusion and intracellular Muslims as infiltrators, the useful idiots their vectors. Whilst not all Muslims are on welfare and some can get a job or even a good profession, they too choose to remain parasites in our society. Their goal is not to benefit the society but to feed off it from within, attacking it, working tirelessly to immobilise it. Perhaps we also have ectoparasites; the visiting imams, Saudis, UAE and Malaysian Islamic bankers and Muslims who have infiltrated overseas immigration offices to name a few. In fact, it’s safe to say that this parasite has developed complex  mechanisms for attacking the host from every angle.

“An epiparasite is one that feeds on another parasite.”

Sunni and Shia?

“Social parasites take advantage of interactions between members of social organisms such as ants or termites.”

Anyone feel like blowing up the ‘G this weekend?

“In kleptoparasitism, parasites appropriate food gathered by the host. An example is the brood parasitism practiced by many species of cuckoo and cowbird, which do not build nests of their own but rather deposit their eggs in nests of other species and abandon them there… If the host removes the cuckoo’s eggs, some cuckoos will return and attack the nest to compel host birds to remain subject to this parasitism.”

Whilst silly infidels sit around wondering if they can afford another child or any at all, Muslims have it sorted, just keep breeding and let the infidel’s welfare raise our little Muslim army. Nurturing our own destruction, aren’t we clever.

As a final note from Bacterioligist, Dr. Kenneth Todar:

“In biology, the term parasite refers to an organism that grows, feeds and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host. In microbiology, the mode of existence of a parasite implies that the parasite is capable of causing damage to the host.”

Just one issue. The parasite should really be a different species to the host and although Muslims rarely act it, they probably are human after all. This is great news for Muslims, it means that they are also a host for the real parasite: Islam. This parasite only appears to alter the genetic make-up of Muslims, so by isolating and destroying it, Muslims can be free and, as far as the rest of us are concerned, get back their human looking DNA.

See, the Islam parasite has many similarities to rabies, another of the world’s deadliest parasites. Rabies survives through a transmission of bodily fluid caused by the host attacking and biting other animals. In this manner survival of the species is ensured by entering new hosts.

If all animals succumb to rabies then logic suggests the parasite will die off as well. Similarly, what happens when all the free people of the world are either dead or in a state of dhimmitude? Can Islam survive without jihad? No, there is no Islam without jihad and we will soon see the demise of Islam, along with humanity, if Islam keeps spreading at its current rate. Sadly, no one will be left to celebrate.

Muslims, some further good news, unlike rabies there is a cure. All it involves is opening your mind and being strong enough to free yourself from the brainwashing and hate the parasite causes. It can be done, and your escape to Australia was meant to be the medicine to kick start this process.

Start asking yourself the following questions: Why does Australia have to be the host? Why can’t I just live there, as my country, in a spirit of mutual respect and benefit for all? Let’s be clear about this, in Australia we don’t care if you have different beliefs in what happens when you’re dead or if any force controls this life. We don’t care about the colour of your skin, any non-degrading religious attire you may want to wear or how you spend your time. We only ask that you respect this of everyone else and understand that the only way this can work is through a secular democracy. Is this so hard? If so, why is this so hard? We have tried and tried to make you welcome and all you do is take and harm us like a rabid parasite.

Also, accept that we are not just an “Anglo” country but that all other peoples have left their mark in this melting pot. We welcome diversity provided it has a positive impact. But given Europeans settled and built this country and remain an overwhelming majority, do you not think it simple logic that they are entitled to their heritage and that this heritage, which created the free and safe country we have today, should have its due place in the melting pot?

Understand too that immigrant groups who came before you had the opposite problem and your actions and attitudes are an insult to them. They fought for acceptance to be Australians, dealing with sometimes unfair prejudices and a country still developing its identity and confidence. Those days are long gone though and frankly our problem now is that we are too tolerant of this parasitic disease which is Islam.

In fact, let’s not bother with the culture issue, this diversionary gripe you falsely make. It’s all about Islam isn’t it, you have no culture anyway to offer or replace the current one with, Islam is anti-culture – it’s purpose to destroy culture.

Please choose if you want Islam or freedom and if the former, leave. If this is not in your parasite infected nature and the host’s goodness is too good to give up, then try not to harm the host – it is not in your interest either. However by choosing to be “us” and we “the host” you are choosing not to be accepted and you never will be. Your reference to host also implies you are waiting in the wings, ready to take over and make it “your” country when the time comes. At least we are grateful that this is made clear and that you happily confirm Australia is not your country.

One day though, hopefully soon, we “the host” will wake up to whatever form of parasite attached itself to us and get the appropriate cure. In the unlikely event that you are actually a guest in this relationship then it’s time we had that awkward talk, the one we’ve been too polite and a little embarrassed to have by now: “Party’s over, now pack up your shxt and get out!”

3 thoughts on “The Host & the Parasite, Part 2”

  1. Sheik, this is nothing new.
    As a matter of fact I wrote about this last year on JihadWatch with references from biological sources.
    I swear, Muhammad got his conquistador ideas from watching parasitic wasps while sitting alone in his desert cave twiddling his thumbs and slobbering all over the place thinkig about “how to get rich without really trying.”

    Here is a good video appropriately titled Islamic Parasites.

  2. Final sentence could read…

    “One day though, we “the host” will wake up to the parasite that has attached itself to us but unfortunately, by that time, it may be too late.”
    At that time you can thank all of your politically correct and leftist-minded politicians, main stream media people and “ostrich-mimicking” church and synagogue leaders who, rather than wake up to the reality that “this is not your average, everyday religious ideology”, and preferred to hide their heads in the sand for the sake of “not looking like bigots by disrespecting the religious freedoms as written in our constitutions.”

    President Obama wants to change the U.S. Constitution?
    Perhaps the best way he could change that Constitution is by creating “a non-secular mandate that no fundamentalist religious ideology can take political advantage of the very foundations that allowed them to practice their religious beliefs within the state to begin with.”
    Secondly, any newly arrived Islamic immigrants should be warned that they are welcome to practice many of their customs that fall within “our legal boundaries” but they are not to attempt to force or attempt to convert, with coercion or enticement, their Islamic ideologies on unsuspecting citizens of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or Jewish faiths or democratically elected or appointed political officials. This will be considered an act of treason and will result in imprisonment or expulsion.
    Furthermore, when oaths of allegiance are taken upon during their “newly arrived” citizenship ceremonies, they are to abide by those oaths and any immigrant caught violating these sworn oaths of allegiance will be sent back to their respective countries.

    We welcome those people of Islamic faith who abide by our laws and integrate into our society to make a contribution to the overall well-being of our society but we oppose those who come here to create a stumbling block to its advancement or attempt to overthrow that which we cherish most, that being our freedoms and liberties.

  3. Feasting on the dead and dying is what a parasite is. The feast on putrid flesh. As we witness the death of Western society, we can expect more and more parasites to come to the feast.

    Unless our leaders (did I say leaders?) get their fingers out and do something to help their people, we will morph into the bowel of Islam. O shit, what a terrible thought.

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