The Humanity of the Taliban Kills 10 “Christian Missionaries”

A British medic who was among 10 aid workers killed by gunmen in an ambush in a remote area of northern Afghanistan was named today by sources as Dr Karen Woo.  (Daily Mail)

At war with evil

Andrew Bolt

So what would such people do next, were they handed a country and its arms?

THE Taliban says it killed “Christian missionaries” working in remote northern Afghanistan where the bullet-riddled bodies of six Americans, one German and a British national were found.

Three women were among the group of foreign eye doctors working for the aid organisation International Assistance Mission (IAM), said its executive director Dirk Frans…

The Taliban later claimed responsibility… ”They were Christian missionaries and we killed them all…”

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Afghan woman mutilated by Taliban to have US surgery

A horrifically mutilated Afghan woman who appeared on a controversial Time magazine cover is to undergo surgery in the United States to rebuild her face, officials said Friday.

According  to the United Nations nearly 90 percent of Afghan women suffer from domestic violence.  (Rantburg)

9 thoughts on “The Humanity of the Taliban Kills 10 “Christian Missionaries””

  1. Muslims are not really bright, because the more you persecute
    christianity, the more it will grow, still animistic religions will grow faster than anything else.
    Lucifer is having a ball deceiving the billions right now but it will all
    come to an end very soon. the YHWH Adonai Sabaoth in form of
    Yehoshuwa Ha Moshiach will terminate them.

  2. Andrew Bolt, you seem to have the strongest voice in Australian media against the evil of Islam, so how often do you get the ear of a politician. Tell us the truth – what are they thinking and what are they doing?

    We the people deserve to know. How about putting all your cards on the table Andrew like another honourable Dutchman, Geert Wilders.

    The Dutch have or did have a special leave from work day called something like “Fed up” day. This was for the workplace. But we as a nation of people are “Fed up” and we are waiting on answers about Islam. When can we expect an honest response from any politician? Will it be before I die?

  3. While unlikely, this may not be the taliban, but it means that we should not be letting in any Afghan muslim refugees into our country.

  4. hi Kaw ,
    I just watched an interesting programme on the people smugglers bringing people into Aussie..mainly middle Easteners behind was a guy who had previously been deported from Aussie. They seem to operate out of west Timor. They have Indo police and miltary on their payroles.
    All of this is a joke..It must be costing Australia millions..
    Sorry topic.

  5. Incidentally. I am waiting for that BBC douche bag Doucet to apologize again on behalf of the taliban.

  6. …At war with evil….

    I beg to differ. Evil (Islam) is at war with us. We are NOT at war with evil.

    Let us revisit the beheading of poor Nick Berg. SOmeone told him that it was okay to just fly into a war zone, unarmed, with no kills under his belt, to “help” the poor Iraqi people. Nick Berg was a “cell tower” specialist, and went to Iraq to “help” the Iraqi people have cell phone service by repairing cell phone towers. He was kidnapped, held hostage, and as most of us witnessed, brutally killed by beheading to the sounds of Allahu Akbar.

    Had he not been kidnapped and murdered, it is possible that he would have unwittingly helped the insurgents by assisting in cell phone tower repair, and aided and abetted the enemy by allowing them better IED capabilities via command detonation vis-a-vis cell phone transmissions. His hippie-like thinking (instilled by his idiot, girl-of-a-father) actually would have harmed US Soldiers and innocent civilians.

    COuld it be that htese Doctors placed themselves in a war zone without knowing the full dangers that awaited them? Where they “healing” the blind, only to have those blind be used as human suicide bombers or human shields?

    I thoroughly believe that they are lucky they were shot to death, and not beheaded, slowly, on camera.

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