Trust the imams, not the rabbis

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I trust the Imam and the Muslims at the new Ground Zero “Cordoba” mosque to tell me the truth of what they think about Israel and the United States. After 9/11, the Imam said America shared responsibility for the destruction of the World Trade Center. Now, that same imam refuses to condem Hamas. And hesupported the anti-Israel flotilla that led the international political ambush of Israel. This imam is honest. He’s just anything but “moderate.”

The Mosque’s Imam Is A “Moderate” But Abe Foxman Is A Bigot?

The imam of the Ground Zero mosque has been characterized as a ‘moderate.’ The Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman came out against the mosque and has been branded as a ‘bigot.’ In light of the organized Jewish community’s leadership’s failure to back Foxman, the Jewish Week’s Jonathan Mark explains why you can trust what you hear from the imams, but you cannot trust what you hear from many American rabbis.

How about all the Jewish leaders and rabbis who call this imam “moderate” and support his proposed mosque? How honest are they?

How many of these rabbis, these professional dialoguers, ever can be counted on to speak up about the state of Islam in the United States — other than to constantly trot out the so-called moderates? Remember, when these rabbis say “moderate” they mean the masquerade of an imam who supports the flotilla and who refuses to condemn Hamas. That’s their idea of “moderate.” Would these rabbis say the imam is more “moderate” than, say, Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s foreign minister; or Hillel Lieberman, a sweetheart of a settler?

How many of these rabbis — how many Jewish newspapers and organizations supporting the Ground Zero mosque — had anything to say when Obama’s counter-terrorism advisor started calling Jerusalem (the entire city that is ruled by its Colonial Governor Obama, who forbids the building of Jewish apartments there) by its Islamic name, “Al-Quds?” Dear reader, do you call Jerusalem “Al-Quds”? You can watch Obama’s advisor calling it Al-Quds here. You can watch that same Obama official, John Brennan, saying that jihad is a legitmate expression of Islam here.

“The State Department has no responsibility to send fruitcakes around as if they are representatives of America,” says former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, who told Fox News that Imam Rauf should be dumped from the trip and that the State Department should investigate how he was included in the first place.

How many of these rabbis, Jewish newspapers and columnists, or Jewish organizations, had anything to say when Obama’s director NASA, Charles Bolden, told Al-Jazeera that as director of the National Aeronautic Space Administration a big part of his job is “outreach to the Islamic world,” as if that has anything to do with the space program. Of course, most Jewish newspapers, or general newspapers, didn’t find this worth reporting, it not being anywhere as interesting as news regarding a celebrity who might be or is sort of Jewish, or who is studying fake Kabbalah. Is that more important than illuminating the increasingly obsequious relationship between the United States and “moderate” Islam? You can watch Obama’s NASA director explaing all this to Al-Jazeera right here. Surely, Jewish experts in dialogue and Islam think this is perfectly normal, placing outreach to Islam — a religion of moderates and peace — at the top of the space program. Have any Jewish leaders spoken up?

How many of these Jewish leaders, experts in moderate Islam, who neverthless claim they know Islamic terror when they see it, spoke out when Attorney General Holder refused to say that there was any Islamic terror at all, other than a fluke, a coincidence that means nothing? Holder only sees peaceful, moderate Islam. Is there any other? How many of these rabbis or Jewish newspapers, or Jewish organizations, spoke out against Holder? Or do the professional dialoguers essentially agree — that all of Islam is moderate except when it’s not and when it’s not it’s not really Islam?

After the attempted bombing of Riverdale synagogues in 2009 — when some Jewish newspapers didn’t even refer to the suspects as Islamic — there was a response from the Jewish community. A rally in the street for Jews who refused to see their synagogues threatened? No, Jewish leaders provided no leadership, no expression for the Jew in the street. Instead, the Jewish leaders held a limited-seating interfaith dialogue that featured a monologue by an imam who was scathing about the very idea that the FBI should dare to even look for possible terrorists in mosques. The rabbis response? They applauded the imam. He was moderate.

The answer to Mark’s questions is actually quite simple. The people he is quoting – and I don’t care who they claim has ordained them – are not rabbis. They are the high priests of Liberalism, which has unfortunately replaced Judaism for so many Jews. They are more interested in ingratiating themselves with the Obama administration than they are in ensuring the future of the Jewish people.

The Talmud in both Sotah and Sanhedrin says that in the times leading up to the Messiah’s arrival, the generation’s face will be like that of a dog. The (real) rabbis explain that when one walks a dog, the dog seems to run ahead, but constantly turns around to make sure that the ‘master’ is following. So is the dog leading the ‘master’ or is the ‘master’ leading the dog? In reality, the ‘master’ is leading the dog, even though the dog gives the illusion that the opposite is the case. The dog symbolizes the Jewish communal leadership; the ‘master’ symbolizes the Jewish public at large.

Much of the Jewish community has been lost to the scourge of Liberalism, and has no idea what real, authentic Judaism is about. Their ‘rabbis’ are trying to ‘lead’ them by finding ‘moderates’ who vindicate their positions.

The good news that it’s a sign that the Messiah is coming soon.

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  1. I agree with most of this, but don’t understand the bit about the Messiah unless it’s meant to be irony.

    If not, however, I have a problem. I’m also being told that the Mahdi is coming soon and the 12-th Imam.

    Are they all one and the same? If so, what does that mean for relations between Islam and Judism?

    Questions, questions …

  2. Da Jooooz! That’s funny.

    If the messiah is coming I can certainly feel it sometimes. It feels just like your article infact. I hope he comes for my sake, and for everyone to be blessed but in this state I feel like he can’t do that just yet until everyone can learn or realize just a general understanding of God and religion and hopefully he will explain that well enough to understand. It will be a challenge to remove centuries of myths and false religions.

    Anyway, at times I’m confused and a bit lazy to research, but I do wait for the day when he comes.

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