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Al Victoryland Brochure

With the eager assistance of New York’s dhimmi Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg and indirect funding from US taxpayers, the Al Victoryland theme park will soon open at Ground Zero, to the delight of Religion of Peaceniks and their liberal allies around the world. A new brochure has already been prepared to alert the public to its many attractions. Click for full-size reproductions of the front and back: check Moonbattery for the back of this flyer! Hilarious….

Sam Harris: Ground Zero mega-mosque will be seen “by many millions of Muslims as a victory–and as a sign that the liberal values of the West are synonymous with decadence and cowardice”

But of course!

In “What Obama Got Wrong About the Mosque,” August 13, Sam Harris breaks with the Leftist pro-Islamic supremacism lockstep that usually prevails at the Daily Beastand offers some common sense about the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero:

After weeks of dodging the issue, at a White House Ramadan dinner Friday night, President Obama came out in support of Park51, the planned Muslim community center and mosque two blocks away from the World Trade Center site.The President says he wasn’t endorsing the ground zero mosque–only defending the right to build it. Sam Harris on his failure to acknowledge that Islam is different than other faiths.Should a 15-story mosque and Islamic cultural center be built two blocks from the site of the worst jihadist atrocity in living memory? Put this way, the question nearly answers itself. This is not to say, however, that I think we should prevent our fellow citizens from building “the ground zero mosque.” There is probably no legal basis to do so in any case–nor should there be. But the margin between what is legal and what is desirable, or even decent, leaves room for many projects that well-intentioned people might still find offensive. If you can raise the requisite $100 million, you might also build a shrine to Satan on this spot, complete with the names of all the non-believing victims of 9/11 destined to suffer for eternity in Hell. You could also build an Institute of “9/11 Truth,” catering to the credulity, masochism, and paranoia of the 16 percent of Americans who imagine that the World Trade Center was intentionally demolished by agents of the U.S. government. Incidentally, any shrine to conspiracy thinking should probably also contain a mosque, along with a list of the 4,000 Jews who suspiciously declined to practice their usury in the Twin Towers on the day of the attack.

The erection of a mosque upon the ashes of this atrocity will also be viewed by many millions of Muslims as a victory–and as a sign that the liberal values of the West are synonymous with decadence and cowardice.

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