Why is Deportation Such a Dilemma for the Bleeding Hearts?

Ex-child refugee faces deportation to native Somalia after life of crime in Canada

Once again the bleeding hearts come out in defense of the indefensible. Once he was a child, but now he is a grown man, and a dangerous criminal. Still, Andrew Duffy from the Ottawa Citizen describes him as an “ex-child”

OTTAWA — An Ottawa man, who came to Canada from Somalia as a child refugee and went on to a life of crime, faces deportation to a strife-torn homeland that he hasn’t seen since the age of eight.

Abadir Ali, 26, has been declared a danger to the Canadian public by federal immigration officials.

That designation was upheld as lawful in a recent Federal Court decision.

In that ruling, Judge Leonard Mandamin said immigration officials arrived at a reasonable conclusion in finding that Ali’s risk to the Canadian public outweighed the personal risk he faces in Somalia.

Ali, now held at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre, has been fighting his deportation for more than two years.

His lawyer, Felix Weekes, said Ali can’t speak the native language in Somalia, has no relatives in the country and no familiarity with its culture.

“They’re getting ready to send this kid back to a country he doesn’t know anything about,” Weekes said in an interview Monday.

Ottawa’s Somali community has expressed concern about the case through a petition presented to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. More than 200 people signed the petition, which said that sending Ali back to Somalia amounted to a death sentence.

The petition asks the government to suspend Ali’s deportation until conditions in Somalia have improved. (that won’t happen)

Born in southern Somalia, Abadir Ali came to Canada in 1991 with his stepmother. They were granted refugee status one year later, and he became a permanent resident in May 1993.

Ali suffered a troubled youth, (standard shyster dog food) court documents show, and began to accumulate a criminal record at the age of 19. He was convicted of assault causing bodily harm and obstructing a police officer in 2002. Another obstruction conviction followed in 2004.

Court documents show immigration officials warned Ali in November, 2006 that he could be deported unless he stopped his criminal activity and began to lead a more productive life.

Ali, however, was arrested less than a year later by Ottawa police for aggravated assault. He had severely beaten a young woman who was left with permanent injuries. He was sentenced for the crime in January 2008.

Federal immigration officials then began the process of deporting him.

Ottawa’s Abdiwahid Osman Haji, a Somali-trained lawyer who has lobbied on behalf of Ali, said the young man deserves (?) a chance to rehabilitate himself in Canada since none of his crimes were so serious as to draw a federal prison term. What’s more, he said, Ali has expressed remorse for the offences, which were committed under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Haji said it would be cruel and unusual punishment to return Ali to a part of Somalia where he’s sure to be persecuted for his tribal affiliations — he is the product of an inter-clan marriage — and his western sensibilities.

In Somalia, Islamic extremist groups, al Shabbab and Hizbul Islam, are fighting federal government forces centred in Mogadishu.

“They will notice right away that he’s a foreigner,” Haji argued. “They’ll consider him a spy, the terrorists, or they’ll recruit him because he speaks English.”

It’s hard to imagine, he added, how Ali could survive with little money and no contacts in Somalia. “The only country he knows is Canada,” Haji said.

A recent United Nations report on Somalia describes the country as a failed state, which “remains one of the most insecure places in the world, with an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.” But the same report notes that two regions in the country, Somaliland and Puntland, “appear to be relatively calm” and are host to refugees and asylum-seekers.

Federal officials initially planned to return Ali to the Somali capital, Mogadishu, but the Canada Border Services Agency later proposed a different set of travel arrangements that would take him on a charter flight from Nairobi, Kenya to Bosaso, a port city in the Puntland region. Canadian officials planned to take Ali as far as Nairobi, and then turn him over to private security personnel for the flight to Somalia.

In his recent ruling, Judge Mandamin ordered the government to re-assess the risk of returning Ali to Somalia using the revised travel arrangements. But the judge stressed that “this relates to risk arriving from travel and it does not include a new risk assessment concerning refoulment to Somalia.”

It means Ali’s deportation will likely be delayed for several months as the new, relatively narrow risk assessment is completed and reviewed.

11 thoughts on “Why is Deportation Such a Dilemma for the Bleeding Hearts?”

  1. None of us have beaten up young women and left them with permanent disability. Typical islamic lawyer – put the interests of the muslim criminal ahead of the community.

  2. * Ali suffered a troubled youth, (standard shyster dog food) …

    Lucky I had finished my cup of tea 🙂

    The perp can live his life of crime in Somalia – language & culture won’t be a barrier to a habitual criminal.

  3. Somalia is a failed state not because of some act of nature, but because of the character of Somalis.

    East Africans, Kenyans, Ugandans and Ethiopians, all regard Somalis as the pits. Somalis are regarded by the rest of E Africans as drug addled congenital criminals, prone to irrational violence.

    Now that our ruling class, in its infinite wisdom, have imported millions of Somalis to the West, there are going to be a lot of women who are going to be raped and murdered by Somalis. Fjordman has catalogued this for Scandinavian countries. The pattern must be the same elsewhere.

    Now if some enviro/nature freaks allowed tigers to be settled in England, which then resulted in the death of people due to attacks by tigers, it would be right and just, that the people who allowed it to happen, are prosecuted for mass murder. The same is true for Somalis. Claiming ignorance is not an excuse. The fact that Somalia is a failed state is because of the Somali character, and everyone knew that.

    Its a surprise that the young Canadian girl escaped with her life, though she is scarred for the rest of her life. She or her guardians should sue the Canadian state, including the PM, for dereliction of duty in allowing savage animals to be set loose in Canada.

    1. It may well be that the character of Somalis turned Somalia into a failed state, but I would blame Islam first and foremost.

      It is the same in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen and just about every Islamic state worldwide, regardless of whether they survive on oil riches, tourism or the jiziya. The Islamic state is a failure by its very nature. When a nation follows the ideology of Muhammad and engages in constant raids, terrorism and plunder on neighboring countries, it can only end in disaster.

      This is the dilemma of the ummah from its inception, and it has to stop….

  4. Answer to why dont we send them home? Could be the three trillion dollars made from Muslims in Australia and soon to reach five million in the years to come.

    The real question is how much of that Muslim money is going into the pockets of our corrupt officials.

  5. The stupidity continues! Ottawa Citizen Saturday August 14, 2010, P.# D1, D2:


    Andrew Duffy (once again) endlessly quotes from the criminal muslim (OK; that’s redundant) selfish girlfriend (a social worker; i.e: a perpetual “victimhood industry” exploiter herself, who is obliged to ignore anything that smacks of taking personal responsibility for one’s own actions) who says “he’s very sweeet & loving & will *often* help others (when he’s not robbing & beating them and helping himself to their money, that is).

    “He just never had anyone he could rely on and he did what he knew to survive.” AND Carruthers described Ali as “sweet and funny and very caring person,” who has never been offered any help in overcoming his drug and alcohol addictions or in developing a life outside of crime.

    “No one can change completely on their own,” said Carruthers, who works with special needs children. She is teaching him “anger-management” techniques – because modifying behaviour never begins with an admission of guilt, now does it?


    Right – because no one is ever able to take any personal responsibility for their own actions – EVER. So sayeth his social worker gf -“Because my kids love him and he looks after the baby.”

    Selfish, much?

    Here’s what he’s really guilty of:

    “In February 2001, he beat a roommate with a bottle and stabbed him with a pair scissors. Then, on July 26, 2007, he returned to a Centretown apartment to confront a woman with whom he had argued. He locked the apartment door, court records show, grabbed the woman by the throat and threw her to the floor. The woman, who was legally blind, was kicked and beaten so badly that she had to undergo brain surgery. She also suffered a broken rib and collapsed lung.

    The victim was left with permanent memory damage.

    This was only another example of the official news retarders – er, I mean “reporters” – ongoing campaigns of public dishonesty; a continuation of the official line, to snow a gullible public with the media’s perversely contentious, conflict-selling lies, in order to sway us into being complicit in their evil, criminal-coddling leftist fantasy causes.

    Back to Somalia with this barbarian thug!

  6. HE’S *STILL* AT IT!






    But this “poor” Somali gets all the media coverage! I wonder how much space the Ottawa Citizen devoted to her plight when the attack happened! My guess? ZERO coverage! But I’m going to ask them if they dare to open up their comments section (which they haven’t yet)!


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