Yusuf rubs it…

….in Mackay!

Many thanks for this enlightening contribution to Australia’s election from Planet Irf:

COMMENT: Watching the election in boganville …

I have my computer with me at McDonalds in Mackay city, taking advantage of their free internet connection. I’m surrounded by alien and ugly looking creatures with tattoos running up and down their arms. But I needn’t worry about them reading what I type. It’s likely they cannot read.

OK that’s a little slack. 95% of them cannot read. And their English vocabulary is generally limited to words consisting of no more than four letters.   (Planet Irf)

We need some more like that:

But hey, don’t let that deter you, Yufus: there is always more where the goodies come from:

Pakistani Muslims complain USA isn’t giving enough aid

(Pakistan) After the Indian Ocean tsunami, the first nation to hit the ground running with aid was the US. After the earthquake in Haiti in January, the first nation to hit the ground running was… the US. In fact, when it comes to helping others, the US is not only the first to provide aid but is usually the first on the scene with the equipment needed to help the people in need. But the thing is, for all the largess of the USA and the private aid given by it people, the people who have been hit by these natural calamities always complain about the US having an interior motive for helping others. You know, like how Malaysia, Indonesia and Afghanistan accused the US of linking aid with proselytizing.

Which brings me to this story about how the Pakistani people (who before the recent floods were one of the biggest recipients of US aid in the world (and that’s not including the military aid), have started to openly protest about how the US isn’t doing enough for them. Yes, the country which has given the most aid, which has more transport helicopters in theatre than anybody else (with more on the way), is getting bitched about by the locals because they feel the US isn’t doing enough. Now, I understand how desperate people can vent their frustrations, yet these are the people who pour onto the streets in their thousands in which to protest against America. You know, where they burn the US flags and defend those who kill Americans.

Yes, that Islamic staple of biting the hand that feeds you is plainly in show here. Yet for some strange reason, these people who have practically ethnically cleansed their country of other faiths, aren’t thrusting their begging bowls to their fellow religious cohorts but rather at those they hate the most. Yes, the country which openly persecutes Christians is demanding more aid from… Christians.

But get this: have a look at the chart of the top ten donors to Pakistan and see where the US fares in the aid tables. Now, how many Islamic countries do you see there? Now have another look at the Saudi bar, notice something about the status of their aid.

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  1. Well he seems to think way too highly of himself I think. Goes to McDonalds to use its free WiFi, wow who would of thought, typical of leeches though.

  2. Don’t worry Irf, you fat muslim pig. Most of the types you saw in the Mackay McDonalds are almost certainly more intelligent than you are. A question: why does our legal system need input from a fat muslim turd like you????

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