Clinton Delusions

Clinton to lie to bring about ‘peace agreement’

At least she’s got the endorsement of Tony BLiar, you know what that means…. and of course she can draw on slick Willie’s experience with Yasser Arafart, we all know how successful that was.

The all new, all fresh Clinton approach is is course far better because it hasn’t been tried before:

ABC’s Jake Tapper suggests that the best way to bring about a ‘peace agreement’ between the ‘Palestinians’ and the Israelis is to lie.  Really.

Thanks to Carl in J’lem

Clinton hosting dinner for Ramadan geared toward young Muslims

(The Hill)

Update: Clinton is -of course- also planning an iftar dinner for assorted  terrorist supporting Muhammad worshipers,  which has become a tradition among delusional peace hucksters in the White House.  (Google Iftar Dinner/White House, and you get 141000 entries!)

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