France: "Moderate Imam Fears Violent Reactions"

He must be getting his “religion” all wrong. My guess is that  ‘sheik’ Abdul Hadi Palazzi, the imam of Rome, is next. He’s been much too ‘moderate’ for too long……

French Imam Publishes Book Criticizing Islamization In France

Thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood Report:

The Italian news agency is reporting on the publication of a book written by a French imam strongly criticizing many aspects of Islam in France including the Muslim Brotherhood and the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF), the French Muslim Brotherhood organization. According to the report:

(ANSAmed) An advocate for an Islam that respects the values of France known for his position against the full veil, the imam of the Mosque of Drancy (near Paris), Hassen Chalghoumi, published a book caustic book, “Pour l’Islam de France”, in which he criticises threats of Islamification, which in his view are looming over the country where he has lived since 1996. In bookstores tomorrow, the night before the end of Ramadan, the pamphlet, reports Le Parisien today, fiercely attacks the burqa, as well as forced marriages, female genital mutilations, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF). His heavy criticism is destined to provoke violent reactions: it’s no coincidence that the 37-year-old Tunisian imam is always surrounded by bodyguards after months of hostile demonstrations following his statements about the full veil that led to the closure for several days of the mosque in Seine-Saint-Denis department, which has a high population of Muslim immigrants. Now he has said enough to the constant postponements to the publication of the book. “It is urgent to take a stance, I want Islam to find its place in France, because I see anti-Muslim racism mounting on the one hand, and Muslim radicalisation on the other hand,” he said to Le Parisien. He has also been fighting to bring the Jewish community closer, he has accused the Muslim Brotherhood and UOIF of trying to alter French Islam through a war over control of French mosques, and he underlined that “it was Tariq Ramadan (the controversial theologian) who caused a build-up of racism in Switzerland, which led to the vote against minarets”. Fear about the consequences of the book? No, he does not fear for himself, but for his children, “for their future in France”.

Previous posts have discussed an interview with Chalghoumi and statements by a UOIF leader which blamed Chalghoumi for a mob attack on his mosque

The UOIF is widely regarded as representing the Muslim Brotherhood in France. Fouad Alaoui and Lahj Breze took over the leadership of the UOIF in 1993 and were known as the “Bordelaise Clan”, a reference to the French town in which they met as students. They were generally regarded as more moderate than their predecessors Abdallah Ben Mansour and Ahmed Jaballah who are both serving as officers of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE). Foud Alaoui is also a FIOE officer.

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  1. So, two pieces of good news from France today. the second being the photo – did you notice that the Praying Butt-benders are only squeezed into the middle of the road (police cordons?) instead of all over the pavements too? That means people can actually get in and out of their houses *whenever they want*! A huge step forward for mankind.

    But that poor imam – he hasn’t long to live. He’s more or less telling the truth about his own religion; unforgivable.

  2. I will bow down to allah
    In the streets wide and narra
    Singing “allahu ackbar”
    And then I will blow

  3. l suspect as what you could truly describe as a “Moderate Muslim” , this Imam only needs to sneeze in a way that these freaks don’t like and they will want him dead. Sad though, if there were a lot more like him then Islam could have a legitimate future in this world.

  4. Islam is the fastest religion in the world!
    there must be something NO ?
    and there is nothing you can do about it!!
    put up or shut up !

  5. I for one regard moderate muslims to be a far greater threat then the fanatics or radicals. It is the moderate imam that gives rise to a false sense of security that there is such a thing as moderate islam. This false security then allows the demographic jihad to continue.

    When Muslims are a near majority and can take over the country, it will be the moderate imam or muslims who will be thanked for preventing the host society from taking defensive action to prevent their own demise.

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