Media Misleading America on Mosque?

Kudos to Hannity for sticking his neck out.

Mosque Debate Shines Spotlight on Sharia Law

Rauf’s tax-exempt mosque on W. 85th Street in Manhattan doesn’t exist

More duplicity and deception from this vaunted “moderate.” “Questions Raised About Rauf’s Nonexistent Mosque,” from IPT News, September 1:

Fitzgerald: Mayor Bloomberg: If Not Now, When? (Historical context from  a  man who knows how to turn Islam inside out)

Muslims building mosque on Christian graveyard in Pakistan

No worries — no doubt they mean the mosque (which will of course be called Mandi Bhawaldin 51) to be a gesture of interfaith harmony, reconciliation and peace! Maybe it will even be a community center, with a gym and a swimming pool! “Muslims Resume Building on Christian Graveyard in Pakistan,” from Compass Direct News, September 1 via JW>>

Giuliani Talks Ground Zero Mosque

Cuomo defies 70% of New Yorkers, won’t investigate funding of Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero — yet mosque investor contributed to jihad terror group

Whose bidding is Cuomo doing? “Cuomo To Not Investigate Funds For Islamic Cultural Center,” from NY1 News, September 2 (thanks to Pamela Geller, who has a series of links to mosque leaders’ questionable activities and ties here)

The “Golden Age” of pluralistic Muslim rule, alluded to by Rauf’s proposed mosque title, has been thoroughly debunked by historians.

Moreover, what Maimonides escaped in the 12th century — disguised as a Muslim — was nothing less than a full-blown Muslim Inquisition under the Muslim Almohads.

The jihad depredations of the Almohads (1130-1232) wreaked enormous destruction on both the Jewish and Christian populations in Spain and North Africa. This devastation — massacre, captivity, and forced conversion — was described by the Jewish chronicler Abraham Ibn Daud and the poet Abraham Ibn Ezra. Suspicious of the sincerity of the Jewish converts to Islam, Muslim “inquisitors” (antedating their Christian Spanish counterparts by three centuries) removed the children from such families, placing them in the care of Muslim educators. (Andrew Bostom)

Chasing Unicorns, Bigfoot & the Yeti:

What is moderate Islam? WSJ panelists mostly have no clue

The WSJ asked Anwar Ibrahim, Bernard Lewis, Ed Husain, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Tawfik Hamid and Akbar Ahmed to reflect on the nature that ever-elusive unicorn, moderate Islam.”A Symposium: What Is Moderate Islam?,” from the Wall Street Journal, September 1   (via JW)

Muslim cleric misunderstands Islam, calls for beheading of Wilders

Watch for the cascade of statements from moderate Muslim leaders denouncing Feiz Muhammad and declaring that while they might not like what Wilders says, they will defend to the death his right to say it. Honest Ibe? Brave Ahmed? Mr. Al-Marayati? Mr. Ahmed? Ms. Mattson? Ms. Lekovic? Anyone? Anyone? “Muslim cleric calls for beheading of Dutch politician,” by Ben Berkowitz for Reuters, September 3, via JW

From a comment:

This is an example of hosts becoming the guests in their own homes,the host Danes becoming the strangers in their homeland country. The greatest sin they have committed is accepting those Muslim immigrant asylum-seeker-snakes amid them based on great humanitarian goodwill !

These devout Muslims are following their pattern of intimidation and violence as a strict measure of standard practice in dealing with non-Muslims.  The whole of non-Muslim world one day shall have to pay heavy price for their willful ignorance and unrestrained goodwill accorded to these babaric people with fear,intimidation,exploitation,abuse of non-Muslim civil laws and eventual subjugation under Sharia.

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  1. Hear, hear. “We’re not at war with islam, but islam is at war with us.” When oh when will people, otherwise intelligent people, understand this simple fact? The jihadists have certainly made no secret about it.

    He also said they are “preaching it from “caves.”” How about “preaching it openly in hate-spreading, violence-promoting centres put up by tax-payers all over the western world”?

    It seems now that no amount of proof can convince these people that islam declared war against western culture decades ago. Can they at least be made to understand what a mosque really is and what it sets out to do? More undercover surveillance of mosques, followed by deportation of imams please!

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