Now they seek to destroy him

City plans to bill pastor for security around planned Quran burning

By John Couwels, CNN

The notion of the social contract implies that the people give up sovereignty to a government or other authority in order to receive or maintain social order through the rule of law. When the government fails to protect its citizens from  hostile, subversive Islamaniacs who are threatening to murder anyone who opposes their vile ideology,  the social contract is broken. The Islamization of America is well on the way, as the opposition fails to get organized. Instead of backing this “lunatic, media whore”, the real whores are grinning smugly, wisecracking  on about how wrong this pastor Jones was. Perhaps these armchair warriors would prefer if Jones followed in the path of Roland Weisselberg, a Lutheran vicar who  set himself alight in the German town of Erfurt to protest the Islamization of Europe.

When it comes to Islam, the  media whores ignore a demonstration of 40.000 people on Ground Zero on 9/11, as Robert Spencer, Pam Geller and Geert Wilders  just found out. Some of our officials are quick to judge, but without understanding. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who wondered  aloud on Larry King whether Koran-burning is protected free speech under the constitution, just made a fool of himself and was forced to retract……

The Rev. Terry Jones answers reporters’ questions at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida

Orlando, Florida (CNN) — The city of Gainesville, Florida, plans to send a bill estimated at more than $180,000 to Pastor Terry Jones for security costs surrounding his controversial threat to burn Qurans on the anniversary of the September, 11, 2001, attacks, a police spokeswoman said Friday.

Police agencies spent more than a month working on security plans to ensure the community surrounding Jones’ Dove World Outreach Center — the planned site of the burning — was safe, according to Gainesville police spokeswoman Cpl. Tscharna Senn.

Jones also told authorities he received numerous death threats because of the planned protest, which he called off amid increasing pressure from world leaders.

The Gainesville Police Department said it spent more than $100,000 while the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office spent an estimated $80,000 during the weekend of the planned demonstration.

“We have 286 sworn officers and almost everyone was working either at the Dove Center or at other soft targets,” Senn said. “Unless you were sick or injured you were working” the day the burning was to take place.

Officers secured malls in the region, the University of Florida’s football stadium and areas around the church in the days leading up to the planned event.

Jones said Friday that the church was “not aware that we would be billed for security.”

“If we had known this in advance, then we would have refused to have security,” he said.

Some have accused authorities of over preparing.

“It’s easy to say we over prepared but if something horrible had happened we would have been criticized for being unprepared,” Senn said.

The planned burning prompted demonstrations by Muslims around the world this week, including Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia and India.


  • Gainesville to send a $180,000 bill to Pastor Terry Jones
  • Jones planned a Quran burning event on the anniversary of 9/11
  • The event was called off amid pressure from world leaders

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  1. And all those mosques that are given grants to upgrade security, install cams and so on?


    Mosques awarded Homeland Security grants
    CAIR urges Muslim clerics to cash in on federal funds

    © 2010

    [While the European Union investigates mosques for ties to Islamic terrorism, the U.S. government is giving mosques security grants that are designed to protect churches, synagogues and other nonprofit groups from Islamic terror.

    Most recently, the Islamic Society of Baltimore landed a $15,000 grant from the Department of Homeland Security to upgrade security at its Maryland mosque.]

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