So what is Sarazzin all about?

Thilo Sarrazin’s rhetoric may be divisive and (perceived as) racist but he has made some important points about the lack of integration of many Muslim immigrants, German media commentators say. Many in Germany agree with him and believe it’s high time the government started tackling the issue, they add.

If you’re not familiar with what’s happening here,  GoV has a bit of background on Sarazzin:

Thilo Sarrazin is a member of the board of the Bundesbank in Germany. For several years his outspoken opinions about immigrants have caused controversy — he has declared that Turks and Arabs are making Germany “dumber” because they have lower IQs and are more fecund than native Germans.

The hot water he found himself in as a result of all this has neared the boiling point in the last couple of weeks with the publication of his new book, Deutschland schafft sich ab — Wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen (“Abolishing Germany — How we’re putting our country in jeopardy”). An interview with a cultural magazine prior to the book’s release brought the scalding water down on his head from both ends of the political spectrum.

Sarazzin is not a “populist”. The leftist media tarts will  have to resort to “racist, Nazi, Islamophobe” smears, but they will be running out of venom eventually……

Mr. Sarrazin is a member of the SPD (Social Democrats), and his party immediately disavowed him:

The Social Democrats’ leader Sigmar Gabriel has signalled that Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin should leave the centre-left party following his latest inflammatory and anti-immigrant statements.

Crossing the Red Line /

Gates of Vienna/Read further…

Renegade Central Banker ‘Tells Devastating Story’ of Integration

Der Spiegel

On immigration in Germany:

“I don’t want the country of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be largely Muslim, or that Turkish or Arabic will be spoken in large areas, that women will wear headscarves and the daily rhythm is set by the call of the muezzin. If I want to experience that, I can just take a vacation in the Orient.”

On birthrates in Germany:

“The Turks are taking over Germany exactly as the Kosovars took over Kosovo: via a higher birth rate. I wouldn’t mind if it were Jews from Eastern Europe with a 15 percent higher IQ than the German population.”

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Afghanistan: when I grow up, I will have my own boyz……

Afghanistan’s dirty little secret

Joel Brinkley

Western forces fighting in southern Afghanistan had a problem. Too often, soldiers on patrol passed an older man walking hand-in-hand with a pretty young boy. Their behavior suggested he was not the boy’s father. Then, British soldiers found that young Afghan men were actually trying to “touch and fondle them,” military investigator AnnaMaria Cardinalli told me. “The soldiers didn’t understand.”

“Bacha Bereesh,” literally “beardless boys,” chosen for their height, size and beauty, trained to sing and dance for male audiences, are traded for sexual favors among former warlords and powerful businessmen.

All of this was so disconcerting that the Defense Department hired Cardinalli, a social scientist, to examine this mystery. Her report, “Pashtun Sexuality,” startled not even one Afghan. But Western forces were shocked – and repulsed.

For centuries, Afghan men have taken boys, roughly 9 to 15 years old, as lovers. Some research suggests that half the Pashtun tribal members in Kandahar and other southern towns arebacha baz, the term for an older man with a boy lover. Literally it means “boy player.” The men like to boast about it.

“Having a boy has become a custom for us,” Enayatullah, a 42-year-old in Baghlan province, told a Reuters reporter. “Whoever wants to show off should have a boy.”

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Spain: Policewomen Offend Muslims

Policewomen and dogs.

That’s why the dhimmified Brits have to strap on dog-shoes before raiding the prayer rooms of  terrorists, abiding by rules of imams and the Muslim Police union, who get paid for their advice on political correctness and cultural sensitivity.

The Spanish police is offending Muslims by the employment of women (we reported about Melilla here). We find that the situation should be handled with more sensitivity to culture and do away with women. Women belong in the house anyway, at the stove. Good bye, emancipation. Now We have islam! More… (thanks to PI)

Mohammed declared “Kill any Jew who falls under your power…”

Reform Jews prefer Jewicide:

the Reform movement has joined with several other faith and advocacy groups in calling on the Obama administration to take stronger measures to “protect millions of American Muslims” and to take stronger steps to protect religious freedom in today’s overheated political climate. (Source)

W-Zip:  Peace-Loving Pal-Arabs Handing Out Sweets Celebrating the Murder of Pregnant Israeli Women…

Hamas officially took credit for the cold-blooded murder of four Israelis including a pregnant woman. This is how these animals celebrate, exactly like they did after 9/11, by handing out candy…

Jihad plotter came to Norway in UN refugee program and became Norwegian citizen

Gratitude. “Norway ‘bomb plot’ underscores al-Qaida pitfalls,” by Ian Macdougall forAssociated Press, August 29 (thanks to JW):

al-Qaeda Vows to Seize Spanish Cities by Force (RoP)…

Because land, once conquered by the soldiers of Allah, must remain Islamic for all time…. the jihad is permanent and relentless and a duty for every Muslim. Why is it assumed that the threat comes from al Qaeda? The claim is backed by all Muslims, if the king wanted it,  the terror could be stopped.


Al Qaeda has inserted this comment under the title “Ceuta and Melilla, lost treasures, and it ensures that the two cities are “under the rule of the Spanish crusade, without the rule of God, “so they need to be recovered by Muslims.  For the Muslims, the two Spanish cities are “sitting in the clutches of vengeful crusaders” and need to return to the “Nation of Islam.”

New York synagogue jihad bomb suspect hated Jews, American soldiers, American government

Nothing to do with the religion of Islam, which means peace. Most Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens, ordinary moms & dads who just want a better life for themselves and their children, right? RIGHT???

(Italy) Acid Attacker had Helper… (RoP)

A 19-year-old Moroccan woman suffered second and third degree burns over 20 percent over her body during the acid attack.  The victim told police that prior to the attack she had rejected her alleged aggressor’s romantic advances.

Turkish Teen Strangled to ‘Cleanse Family Honor’… (RoP)

Nothing to do with Islam, its a cultural thing dating back to pre-Islamic practices…..

UK Bounty Hunters Return Runa-way Girls to Forced Marriages… (RoP)

On the face of it, Zakir was simply a veteran taxi driver and a popular member of the community in Bradford, northern England. Few customers would have realised that behind his bubbly exterior he provided another, much more sinister service. For around £5,000, Zakir would track down women and girls who had run away from home to escape a forced marriage. A bounty hunter, Zakir’s mission was to bring them back to their families. (The Hindu)

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NYC mayor disapproves of probe of mosque financing (WaPo)

Weasel Zippers translates: “A terrible precedent”

(Translation: I mean it’s not like the developer is a drunk and disorderly tax deadbeat or the imam is a slumlord with a history of questionable tax subsidies or anything.  Besides, I don’t want anyone looking into my company’s business dealings in the middle east. That might upset my own gravy train.)

Bloomberg is using this issue to increase his standing in the Arab world. He has opened a office in Dubai which is now the center of his middle east Bloomberg network.

Go figure, a politician stepping on the souls of the murdered innocents by using his office for financial gain.

Bloomberg  has lost both his mind and his soul.

Bloomberg’s  Max Linnington:

“Particularly since the meltdown of the western capitalist system, there has been an increasingly large focus on the virtues of Islamic finance. Today, there is no one single provider of information that caters to the Islamic finance market. So by Bloomberg being here, we are in the process of building out an Islamic finance product. We are very confident that we can build a product that meets the needs of the market right now.”  (Emerging Corruption)

Islamic Rage Boy is Happy at Last

Thanks to Moonbattery

How long will the political elites ignore the will of the people? “Poll: Most NYers want developers to move mosque,” from AP, via JW

In the interests of building bridges to the Muslim community, volunteers have submitted design ideas for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque to Moonbattery.  Here’s a concept tailored to suit the location…..

Freedom for Iraq!

There are some photos from the pullout here. But I thought the cartoon is much closer to reality:

TOTUS Malfunction

You would think with so much practice under his belt, the Manchurian Moonbat would be able to blame Bush without needing the teleprompter to feed him one word at a time:

Maybe even the TOTUS is starting to choke on this clown’s stale BS. (Moonbattery)

If Saddam Was Still Alive Today…

Update: OBAMA’S IRAQ SPEECH – Pathetic Cut-&-Runner Takes Credit For Victory

A bow and an apology…

I declare that Iraqi Freedom is over.

Our commitment to Iraq’s future is not over.
(From a politician who once endorsed genocide over victory.)

It’s time to turn the page.

Cut-&-Runners Hussein Obama and Joe Biden joined fellow democrats and voted four times to cut funding for US troops serving in Iraq. (Gateway Pundit)

Other news:

Germany To Serbia: It’s Time To Toe EU Line On Kosovo

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle who recently found out that it is unwise to take his boyfriend along on official government business to  Muslim/Arab  countries, just threatened Serbia:

Toe the line, or else…!

Another disaster, another ‘land for peace deal’ gone terribly wrong.

Lefty loony pretzel logic: “If  we don’t submit to what the  Muslims want they’ll kill us all”

Taliban Claims Mosque Debate Will Inspire Terrorists:

“I expect we will soon be receiving more American Muslims like Faisal Shahzad who are looking for help in how to express their rage,” he said.  Mosque opponent Tim Brown, a former firefighter who responded to the World Trade Center on 9/11, said the Taliban claims are not a surprise.

“No matter what happens, it’s a recruitment tool. I think that’s why Imam Rauf chose that location,” Brown said, referring to the imam at the helm of the effort to build a $100 million Islamic center two blocks from the World Trade Center.

Tomorrows Headlines Today: Muslims Fear "Backlash" Over Pepto Bismol Jihad

WASHINGTON — The FBI probe of two men arrested in Amsterdam after suspicious items turned up in one of the men’s luggage is finding they were probably not on a test run for a future terror attack, a U.S. official said Tuesday, casting doubt on earlier suggestions even as Dutch authorities held the pair on suspicion of conspiring to commit a terrorist act. (More from AP by EILEEN SULLIVAN)

Must be a cultural thing…….

Muslims arrested on Chicago-Amsterdam flight had knife, boxcutter, mock “bomb” in luggage

Authorities have been treating this as a test, a probe of security. Two questions:

For whom were these two performing a “dry run?”

If and when an attack were to go through at a new site, will we have to suffer through getting a mosque built on that, too? Just asking.

An update on this story. Again, note the vagueness of the headline and of this report, by which we can only assume this is a case of Flying Dutchmen Gone Bad — wooden shoe bombers, all. “Dutch question 2 men after U.S. flight,” from the Associated Press, (JW)