Muslim POTUS Obama: "I was meant to be a great dictator, but FOX won't let me…"

Update: Barry is no longer Hussein!

He’s a born again Christian: “The Precepts of Jesus Christ Spoke to Me”

Greg Gutfeld: Obama Hates Us, He Really Hates Us (and Fox News!)


From CBS via Gateway

Hussein Obama attacked the most-watched cable news outlet in the nation today calling it “destructive.”


Well, I guess with Helen Thomas gone and even the staunchest  liberal supporters of the Muslim boy wonder  suffering from buyers remorse, the impostor is getting a bit hot under the collar……

Other news:

‘Hussein Obama, Land of Israel is ours’

Despite PM’s request for restraint, settlers declare end of building freeze, lay cornerstone for kindergarten in Kiryat Netafim. ‘Likud wasn’t elected to establish a Palestinian state,’ MK Hotovely says during ceremony in Revava  (Y-net news)

Harvard finds long time Jewish benefactor "distressing"

That’s why they encourage the Red Guards to “educate him”.  Phyllis Chesler has the story, here:

This benefactor, Marty Peretz, is not only  a Goracle friend and Obama supporter, but also a great friend of Israel, something the liberal progressives at Harfart  and their Mohammedan protectors find intolerable.

In typical fashion, any critique on Mohammedan headbangers is instantly conflated with race, which is deliberate and perfidious. Islam is not a race, Jews are. But no matter how often we point that out, it seems the unhinged left and their Mohammedan pets only become more fired up with rage.  The progressives are the most unprincipled, corrupt whores on the planet.

In our time, there are really only two crimes, two sins, and they are connected. Peretz is a proud and passionate Zionist. By now, jihadic propagandists have persuaded the Islamic world and the Western mainstream media and professoriate that a Zionist is someone who favors colonialism, imperialism, and the continued “Apartheid Occupation” of innocent, helpless Arabs.

Again: Zionism is not racism–but anti-Zionism is.

Even the late, great Martin Luther King, Jr. understood this. Thus, the anti-racists are proud of their racism towards Jews and towards a Jewish Israel; by Orwellian definition, in their view, Jew-hatred is not “racism,” it is a highly acceptable progressive political position.

Dr. Martin Peretz is a Jew and he loves the state of Israel. He is seen as an acceptable target for public mockery and humiliation at a major American university. (Read it all)

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Growing Resistance to the Rapid Spread of Mosques


Even in Russia: Moscow: Thousands protest against plan to build mosque

A leading Moscow imam, Ildar Ayautdinov, has threatened to have Muslims conduct prayers in Orthodox churches if they don’t get more mosques in Moscow, and added: “There is a need to construct mosques, otherwise something bad will supersede spiritual development.” Something bad, eh? I can’t imagine what!

Meanwhile, will Moscow authorities allow a mosque to be built where a church was disallowed? Sounds familiar.

“Proposed Moscow Mosque Stirs Protests,” by Natalya Krainova in the Moscow Times, via JW.

Frank Gaffney on the Murfreesboro mega-mosque plan (thanks to Vlad Tepes)

Murfreesboro mosque opponents appear in Chancery Court

Attorneys representing opponents of the construction of an Islamic community center in Murfreesboro appeared in Chancery Court Monday morning.

Plaintiffs asked Chancellor Robert E. Corlew III to impose an injunction on any further construction on the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro claiming approval did not provide adequate public comment and that its members will impose Sharia Law on Murfreesboro residents.

“Why would we give any religion the right to cancel our rights under the United States Constitution,” Plaintiff’s Attorney Joe Brandon Jr. said in opening statements to the court. “If the Planning Commission had approved this for Osama bin Laden, would they still feel there should be no public hearing?”   (Murfreesboro Post)

Photo and video report from rally against proposed mosque in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, September 26, 2010

This was the second rally organized by the Bay People Inc., the organization created by the people living in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn, NY. Like the first rally, between 200 and 300 people showed up, but this time, across the street there was a counter-rally of several dozen in support of the proposed mosque.

Eye on the world was there, here’s the report

And from NY we have this:

Ground Zero Mega Mosque: United front Crumbling — “Reassessing Project at Ground Zero”

A crack in the mosque wall? It seems that Hisham Elzanaty is the real power, the real owner, behind the Ground Zero mega mosque, and he is looking at a new location for this insulting monstrosity. (Pamela has the story)


Thanks to the Tundra Tabloids:


The real problem here is not that Jordans media darling, Oprah friend Queen Rania, denies and lies; that is to be expected. The scandal is that Islamo=propagandist Christiane Ammanpour deliberately spreads falsehood and nonsense.  She should be called out on this, and exposed as the overrated crock & schlock journo that she is.

Ammanwhore gets schmoozed by the Queen of Jordan

Now wait a minute: the mainstream media has told us, whenever an honor killing has taken place in North America or Europe, that honor killing is a cultural practice that has nothing to do with Islam — despite the fact that Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. What’s more, a manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that “retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2).

In other words, someone who kills his child incurs no legal penalty under Islamic law. Nonetheless, the media drumbeat is constant: honor killings have nothing to do with Islam. And so if honor killings have nothing to do with Islam, why should  Muslim Women think that a law against honor killing have anything to do with them?

Stephanie has done good work on these hideous ‘honor’ murders:

Pamela Rocks!

Update: Bob Beckel Is A Grotesque Pig, He Carries Water For Radical Islam, And Fox Should Fire Him

FOX Business: Hate Sponsor CAIR on Steroids, Waterboy Bob Beckel Squeal and the Ground Zero Mosque

Atlas Shrugs

I have been doing a lot of media, and Atlas readers are well aware of the campaign of destruction of freedom defenders by the leftist/Islamic machine.

Tonight’s Ground Zero mosque segment on Eric Bolling’s Money Rocks perfectly illustrates this, and the perverse marriage of the left and the jihad. The particularly vile (though typical for unindicted co-conspirator, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR) Ahmad Rehab did his usual nazi jig, and he had the grotesque Bob Beckel as his water boy. I had been fortunate, up until today, not to have to be in the same studio with that slob, but tonight I was not spared the abuse of Beckel’s presence. I was the only female on the panel, and as we were prepping (getting mic’ed etc) for the show, Beckel was regaling his victims (Bill Hemmer, David Webb and Bolling) with sordid tales of pole dancers and the like. Grotesque and deliberate. Nobody was backslapping this pig, trust me.

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Hollyweird Scum

Oliver Stone Denounces the Tea Party


Deranged and rabidly anti-American Hollyweird honcho Oliver Stoned loves violent, authoritarian revolutionaries like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, but the peaceful, pro-freedom revolutionaries in his own country get nothing but contempt:

To be called ignorant by someone who equates the Tea Party movement with the KKK is like being called slimy by Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod.

Once great Britain: no Islamic terrorist left behind

Britain’s counter terrorism chief said he would “put himself on the line” to secure entry to Britain for a radical Muslim preacher, days before he was over-ruled by Theresa May, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

The ban didn’t last long:

UK: Islamic supremacist hate preacher wins victory in court

He advocates the murder of homosexuals and apostates, but that has all been taken out of context, doncha know. “Visa-Ban Islamic Scholar’s Victory In Court,” by Thomas Lawrence in the Express, September 26 (thanks to JW):

AN ISLAMIC scholar barred from entering the UK for his “unacceptable behaviour” has won the first round of his court battle against the Home Secretary’s ruling.A High Court judge decided the case for Dr Zakir Naik should be fast-tracked despite objections from Theresa May’s lawyers.

Dr Naik’s solicitor Tayab Ali is being assisted by two QCs from the chambers of Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Booth. He said: “It is manifestly unfair to proceed to judgment on the basis of remarks made many years previously.”

Mr Ali added: “His comments have been taken extremely selectively and completely out of context.”…

Of course! When is the Qur’an or any Islamic supremacist ever quoted in context?

“Every Muslim should be a terrorist”- out of context, of course:

France: "Moderate Imam Fears Violent Reactions"

He must be getting his “religion” all wrong. My guess is that  ‘sheik’ Abdul Hadi Palazzi, the imam of Rome, is next. He’s been much too ‘moderate’ for too long……

French Imam Publishes Book Criticizing Islamization In France

Thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood Report:

The Italian news agency is reporting on the publication of a book written by a French imam strongly criticizing many aspects of Islam in France including the Muslim Brotherhood and the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF), the French Muslim Brotherhood organization. According to the report:

(ANSAmed) An advocate for an Islam that respects the values of France known for his position against the full veil, the imam of the Mosque of Drancy (near Paris), Hassen Chalghoumi, published a book caustic book, “Pour l’Islam de France”, in which he criticises threats of Islamification, which in his view are looming over the country where he has lived since 1996. In bookstores tomorrow, the night before the end of Ramadan, the pamphlet, reports Le Parisien today, fiercely attacks the burqa, as well as forced marriages, female genital mutilations, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF). His heavy criticism is destined to provoke violent reactions: it’s no coincidence that the 37-year-old Tunisian imam is always surrounded by bodyguards after months of hostile demonstrations following his statements about the full veil that led to the closure for several days of the mosque in Seine-Saint-Denis department, which has a high population of Muslim immigrants. Now he has said enough to the constant postponements to the publication of the book. “It is urgent to take a stance, I want Islam to find its place in France, because I see anti-Muslim racism mounting on the one hand, and Muslim radicalisation on the other hand,” he said to Le Parisien. He has also been fighting to bring the Jewish community closer, he has accused the Muslim Brotherhood and UOIF of trying to alter French Islam through a war over control of French mosques, and he underlined that “it was Tariq Ramadan (the controversial theologian) who caused a build-up of racism in Switzerland, which led to the vote against minarets”. Fear about the consequences of the book? No, he does not fear for himself, but for his children, “for their future in France”.

Previous posts have discussed an interview with Chalghoumi and statements by a UOIF leader which blamed Chalghoumi for a mob attack on his mosque

The UOIF is widely regarded as representing the Muslim Brotherhood in France. Fouad Alaoui and Lahj Breze took over the leadership of the UOIF in 1993 and were known as the “Bordelaise Clan”, a reference to the French town in which they met as students. They were generally regarded as more moderate than their predecessors Abdallah Ben Mansour and Ahmed Jaballah who are both serving as officers of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE). Foud Alaoui is also a FIOE officer.