Sergio Redegalli's Mural Revisited

Okay. They mural is gone, the soldiers of allah believe they have achieved another  victory and the nutroots think its over. But is it? I don’t think so. The jihad is permanent and relentless. More to come, stay tuned!

Protection … A mural depicting a woman wearing a burqa had to be protected by a security guard overnight.


Here’s the result from the poll in the Telegraph:

Should the ban the burqa mural be removed?

  • Yes 12.86% (1205 votes)
  • No 87.14% (8162 votes)

Total votes: 9367


So there you have it: 87 % of Australians who voted at the Telegraph poll want to see the burqa banned. I supect we would have a similar result when it comes to Islamic immigration/invasion. What’s stopping us to implement the will of the people against the deceit of our ruling elites? (Source)

No. What we get instead is more Islam-promo from Paul Kent @ the Daily Telegraph:

“Savouring peace behind the scarf”

WHAT she finds … is beauty. Read it and weep….

Gushing over Islam convert Rebecca Kay,  Paul Kent also draws the wrong conclusion:

This is her religion.

One for which some want the burqa banned because they aren’t like us.

Well, some are.

No. Selling out to Islam makes her one of them. She is no longer one of us. You’ll learn it, one day, Paul. Hopefully its not to late then……..

8 thoughts on “Sergio Redegalli's Mural Revisited”

  1. Maybe, to display fair and balanced journalism, the Telegraph should do an article on someone who left Islam for another religion. Show a photo of the happiness of that person as they embrace their new found way of life. But alas, I forgot that the religion of piece calls for the death of apostates and no one would dare show their face in the media.
    This naive lady claims to have found beauty in her new religion. She should come and witness the “beauty” that Assyrians in Iraq have had to endure for the past 1400 years at the hands of her “peaceful” religion. The persecution, the rape, the kidnapping, the forced conversions, the murders. All this because the Assyrians and other religious minorities in Iraq are considered “najjis” or unclean by Moslems of all sects. Pity this lady is blind to the evil sanctioned by her Allah.

  2. This comment was NOT published:

    She lived the young life, which is one of excess.
    – Who said so, Paul Kent or some imam

    The path I was going down before wasn’t a great path,” she says.
    – True

    “I was a typical Australian that liked going out and drinking five nights a week.”
    – Going out an drinking five nights a week is not typical Australian behaviour. What evidence did she have to make that claim. Her behaviour was atypical. Personal generalisation maybe? But as a woman who converted to Islam to marry a Muslim she is not a typical Australian.

  3. I suggest that everyone who thought this mural was a great idea, should send letters to Marrickville Council stating that the mural was pro-woman (since the burqa is a major health hazard, depriving women of essential Vitamin D), non-racist (since Islam is not a race but a set of ideas) and that in our society no ideology or belief system should be exempt from questioning, criticism, or outright mockery.

    I think Mr Redegalli should paint a new mural: depicting an elegant Frenchwoman (inspired by images of Catherine Deneuve or Juliette Binoche, for example) as the Goddess of Liberty, in flowing Grecian robes, bare-armed, bare-headed, holding the French tricolour, with the slogan, ‘Vive La France. Vive la liberte’. Those ‘in the know’ will understand it to be a celebration and endorsement of the recently-instituted French burqa ban… but good luck to Marrickville Council trying to *prove* that! Imagine them trying to get rid of *that* image, on the basis of it and its verbal content being misogynistic, racist or anti-Islam!

  4. dumbledorsarmy.. your comment about Marrickville Council causes me to ask, WHO are members of the Council? Is there a big Islamic presence there, Muslims who have an agenda on Council ? It is highly inappropriate for a Council who are after all only there to organize rubbish removal, rates, and assistance for the elderly, to be involved in INTERNATIONAL politics such as the Israeli- Palestinian conflict! They must be pulled into line for promoting hatred of Israel and boycotting of Israeli products! who the hell do these little hitlers think they are??? I smell a rat ( muslim) behind it all!

    1. Here they are:

      Marrickville Dhimmie Council: Top row (L-R): Clr Phillips, Clr Macri, Clr Kontellis, Clr Tsardoulias Middle row (L-R): Clr Wright, Clr Peters, Clr Hanna, Clr Olive Bottom row (L-R): Clr Thanos, Clr Byrne, Clr Iskandar, Clr O’Sullivan

  5. I’m undecided on the issue of banning the burqa. quotes a poll that says: ‘Should the ban the burqa mural be removed?’

    Which the author interprets as: ‘So there you have it: 87 % of Australians who voted at the Telegraph poll want to see the burqa banned’

    My opinion is that the poll addresses freedom of speech and not clothing.

  6. Not. To accept the burqa is a package deal.

    That means you also agree with child marriage, polygamy, clit cutting, stoning of adulterous women, honor killings, rape of infidel women, mass murder of Jews and non Muslims, submission under Islam, cutting arms and limbs for theft, beheading for blasphemy, banning of all music, no alcohol, pork etc……

    Total domination and Islamic supremacy, is that what you want?

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