Since When is Black Panther Thug Malik Zulu Shabazz the Spokesman for America's Muslims?

This criminal race huckster is now the darling of  the media?

Why is this thug not in prison for  racketeering and voter intimidation? The mind boggles! How deep has the media sunk? Here he is calling Michelle Malkin a “whore” on Fox News because she called out his racial hucksterism in the Duke lacrosse fake rape case.

Here’s the Geraldo Hit Job Video (from Atlas)

Just yesterday Geraldo Rivera did the most pathetic  hit-job on Pamela Geller  and today  this sorry, deceitful charade continues with Eric Bolling on ‘Money Rocks’. Here, Shabazz reveals that he is  a 911 truther who insists that no Muslims took part in the 911 attacks.

Yes, folks, that’s how far down the rabbit hole we have gone in the war of ideas: that race-baiting subversives like Shabazz get to spew their vile fallacious propaganda on national media outlets.

4 thoughts on “Since When is Black Panther Thug Malik Zulu Shabazz the Spokesman for America's Muslims?”

  1. Why does Geraldo even give this thug Shabaz air-time?
    Thomas Jefferson and George Washington learned the Qur’an so that they could “know their enemy.”

  2. So, now it looks as though the thugs like New Black Panther leader, Shabazz, are representing Islam in America.
    Are these so-called innocents being preyed on by predator drones really innocents?
    Come on. These guys are planting IED’ s or setting up Qassam rocket launchers; they aren’t innocent victims.

  3. I have learned all I need to know from not just reading the Qur’an, Hadith and Sira but through sites such as this one, JihadWatch, Atlas Shrugs, Political, and Prophet of Doom, Gates of Vienna, among many others.
    I would suggest that the Shazzam go to these sites and learn a little more about the violence spewed by Muhammad. There is nothing peaceful about Islam. Moderates are trying to reform Islam. It will not work.
    Muslims throughout history have tried to reform it for 1400 years with no success.
    There is no proof that Muslims were involved in 9/11?
    Come on!
    Shabazz is a nutcase for believing in the truthers theories. My god, that has been proven over and over by engineers that have tested the flexing of steel I-beams under burning jet fuel. The beams melt and everything comes crashing down floor by floor and as this increases the overall weith each time a floor collapses. These fruit cakes try to make out like it was blown up in a designed implosion.

  4. This asshole is typical of Muslim black racism against “whitey”.
    We are “white crackers” who committed a holocaust on blacks?
    It was the damned Muslims who made the blacks slaves and shipped them to the Southern Plantations on their slave ships.
    How can an African American even consider a religion that made slaves of the black people. Mohammad was a racist against blacks himself.

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