Celebrating Diversity in Adelaide: "violence is not unique to the African community"

“Community tension” sparks Adelaide brawl

Bolt sez:  I’m assuming that many of these people were refugees. But I thought the deal was that refugees fled danger, and didn’t import it.

ABC disinformation service presents:

Four stabbed in bloody brawl in Rundle St and Bent St

Adelaide Now

* Just a bit of community tension – not much to see

[South Australian police say tension between members of the African community had been brewing all weekend before culminating in a wild brawl in Adelaide’s CBD overnight.

Up to 100 people clashed off Rundle Street just after midnight – wielding knives, tyre levers, clubs and bed posts.

Four people were stabbed.]

* Quite common to walk the streets with knives, levers and bed posts.

[Chief Inspector John Gerlach says the trouble started the night before outside a nightclub in Hindley Street.

“As a result of African factions or whatever else the arguments were about, a fight or a confrontation occurred,” he said.

Sudanese community president Mabok Deng Mabok says such violence is not unique to the African community.

“Youth all around the world, they actually act the same, so it was not something surprising,” he said.]

* Nothing unique – happens everywhere. Wonderful diversity, but how long before it is transformed into “our fault – our failure to educate them, assimilate them, welcome them, give them culturally appropriate mental health care, trauma counselling, prayer rooms, special treatment …”

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14 thoughts on “Celebrating Diversity in Adelaide: "violence is not unique to the African community"”

  1. Throw all the PC crap away,and accept the facts. “They” just have not evolved as far as “us”.

  2. This Sudanese (African) problem is also happening in Melbourne. South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne has it’s fair share of this imported violence, Noble Park, Dandenong and Melbourne, places not to go.

  3. A joyous Day indeed for the Australian Labor Party way to go!!!! as they Celebrate the arrival of the 100th. boatload of illegal, predominantly Muslim males on our northern shores.

  4. …. I should clarify my previous post,….. the 100th.boatload for 2010, and the 170th since Labor scrapped Australia’s border protection policies of the previous Howard Liberal government in 2008.

  5. The sound of the muezzin wailing from the Christmas Island mosque is music to their ears…

  6. When will our glorious government learn Somalia is 100% Islam. Never going to behave in our country. Somali women 100% Female Genital Mutilation. Now this would wipe the smile off any woman’s face. STOP MIGRATION FROM SOMALIA AND ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES. NOW!!!!!!! OR THIS IS WHAT WE WILL SEE EVERY DAY FROM NOW ON.

    Politicians are slow learners

  7. Somalia is 100% Islam. Responsible for 100% FGM. Why do we bring them in here. The last Government brought them in here in droves. Conning the people of Newcastle that they were great people. Bull shit. Somali’s were arrested for planning attacks on Sydney via bombs etc. They want to kill us.

    When will our Politicians – stop migration of all Muslims. Simple as that

  8. Mabok’s comment illustrates just how stupid he is. Youth do NOT go around hacking people to death – disillusioned and useless cretins do, and that is exactly what these Sudanese are – animals, and that is an insult to animals. Thank you krudd and co. for bringing these viscous parasites into Australia so that you could get a cheap vote.

  9. @DP11 why you mentioning somalis, what have they ever done to you, i am somali and live here in Australia and i get along with everyone, i spent half of my life here Australia is my second home, first thing first the truth is we all migrated to Australia wether you came by boat or by plane,
    secondly not all Africans are violent, as every community has bad and good people lets not judge quickly and only look at the bad side, there are lot of good things Africans brought here,
    lastly yes somalia is 100% muslim, and not all muslims practice FGM,
    i would appreciate if you read more about islam before commenting
    peace out

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